Monday, October 24, 2011

My Eclectic Week

Took Todd to see the movie Courageous. Didn't know I would need a box of Kleenex.

The NCAA asked the conference captains to take the Officiating test and I won't tell you my score. I may know the rules of the game, but where the lead official should be in comparison to the trail is gibberish to me.

Cooked pumpkin seeds after practice. Justin added more salt.

Put in our zone defense. That was the key to beating our scout team for the first time as we beat them yesterday in our final scrimmage!

Worked on a 1000 piece puzzle with Justin. Brooklyn likes to hide the pieces.

Met with our new sports reporter, Colter at Spectators to fill him in on our team. I was impressed not only by his in depth questions, but that he was able to finish all of his waffle fries. Good work.

Worked on Justin's reading homework. First grade is intense.

Brooklyn played the piano and sang for us. I hope she is athletic.

Bribed my kids and babysitter to go to practice with me on Saturday with sushi afterwards. Justin finished off an entire Widespread Panic roll all by himself.

Found a wig at Wal Mart for Brooklyn's Rapunzel outfit. Now we just have to find her dress.

She wants me to be a spider but can't quite find that costume.

Had quiet at church after dropping kids off at Sunday school. That is a miracle in itself.

The weekend is a wrap!

Coach Bin

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fall Eval

You thought this blog was going to be about fall evaluation weekend. I tricked you since it's October and we deserve both a trick and a treat.

The treat was for me since I stayed home for practice while my three assistants went all over the northwest.

Utilizing my student assistant coaches Kelsey Roben and Sarah Balian we were able to pull off practices with great energy and focus by our squad. I did have to ask Kelsey if she had blown her whistle. She said I was just too quick on mine. That never happens, lol.

We managed to finish the weekend off with a small scrimmage as we are only 5 practices in. Here is the breakdown from my Clint Eastwood interpretation;

The Good: Despite graduating great scorers in Lyndi and Sarah, we can score.

The Bad: We still communicate better on a bus than we do on the court.

The Ugly: Our new scout guy Kevin (who looks like Kevin from Home Alone), drained about 6 tres in our face.

It's week one, and we are moving in the right direction. Ladies, we just have to move there a bit faster.

Coach Bin

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Off and Running

Two practices in to the 2011-12 Season and we are off and running. The best news of all is that we have enough players and scout guys on the floor that our coaches don't have to lace up their shoes.

Our newest manager Taylor has gotten a good workout running to put the rebound rim in, then running back to start the shot clock, then sprinting to go pass. I think we may start having her and our veteran manager Stephanie start warming up with the team.

Our newest coach Giuliana has learned you don't hit Katie Bussey with the pad above the waist, and you don't hit Chelsea Banis below it. Adrenaline is flying everywhere!

Coach Bin