Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Mermaid

Right now it is a contact period in recruiting so we are able to do home visits, watch an athlete in a different sport, and even get to an open gym.

I am not a coffee drinker but in my travels I do enjoy the caffeine pick me up on occassion. So I found myself standing in line for a place I rarely visit, Starbucks. I chose a green tea, alhtough I do not even know if it has caffeine. However, the fact that my last flight had no heat and my feet were still frozen I thought a warm beverage sounded nice.

So I sat down waiting for it to cool enough to take a sip and looked at the symbol on the cup. After all of these years I hadn't ever really noticed that it was a lady. I texted Amy to see what the lady was, and the answer, a MERMAID.

What's the purpose of this blog you ask? Absolutely nothing, unless you are on Jeopardy. Amy e-mailed me the Wikipedia link about Starbucks and how the Mermaid came into play. It was interesting, but I will not win any trivia games so I promptly deleted it.

Coach Bin

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Game Day

Last weekend our team had a tailgate in front of the football stadium entrance in anticipation of an aggressive performance by our 'Cats. We enjoyed the pulled pork, peanuts, and Todd lifted Brooklyn into the air to cheer everytime we scored a touchdown. We even started the wave across section 113!

Our team showed they will be Big Sky contenders once again! We are off to a rockin' start this season.

It could be the $20 million dollar campaign that gave us an additional 5,000 seats in a new end zone; or maybe it's the shoulder to shoulder blue and gold, head-to-toe student section? I must admit, it is helpful that we have the MVP of the Big Sky taking every snap for the Bobcats!

When you add up all of the factors- community, college campus, amazing venue, talented athletes, and savvy coaches- it makes for an awesome game day experience!

Go 'Cats!

Coach Bin

Monday, September 12, 2011

Official Visit

Signing Period is just around the corner as prospects visit campuses to make their leap of faith on the perfect choice for them.

What's interesting about the recruiting process is how much the conversation changes as the final decision gets closer. The initial calls deal with size of school, location, major interest, success of the team, which are all important pieces and help narrow the list of what schools to visit in person.

So what is the official visit about then? It's all about the relationships! How does the prospect feel about the coaches, the players, and the community?

Ask yourself who you want to spend 20 hours a week with and that's your answer.

I made my decision within the first 30 minutes of my official visit. I didn't tell anyone that soon but I knew. I knew that if I was happy, enjoyed the people I played with and for, then I would work that much harder every single day.

I believe you can have great team chemistry and be extremely successful. Neither one should suffer because of the other.

At the end of the day, if the journey isn't valued then the result doesn't matter.

Coach Bin

Sunday, September 4, 2011


Emily Allen's brother passed away this weekend. We ask that you keep Emily and her parents Craig and Julie in your thoughts and prayers.


Coach Bin