Thursday, April 26, 2012


Katie Bussey made it to China after a flight delay from Bozeman. After repacking everything into carryon luggage, Katie sprinted through the San Francisco airport like it was another 300 yard shuttle. After a week of cramming in her finals early and doing a 10 hour commercial shoot for the Bobcat Club, Katie has now had a chance to rest. Katie, we hope you didn't get stuck in a middle seat. Last night was also the annual ALL banquet competition at MSU where all programs compete against each other and Katie missed winning the Best Female Single Event & Season Performances. Congrats and good luck tonight against the Australian National Team. If you want to follow Katie go to to catch up how her USA Team is doing. Go Cats & Go USA! Coach Bin

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Spring Evals

Can you believe it is already spring?

I can't believe this is the last week of our spring workouts even. We have been testing all week and Chris our strength and conditioning coach has worked our ladies!

We had all kinds of PR's such as Jackie Elliot getting a dip. Maybe I should brag more of the vertical improving four inches.

Every single player got a PR in something whether it was the bench, hang clean, or even our speed and agility test.

On the court watch out for Tish Adams posting up on the block next year because she was an animal and on speed and agility she led the way. Watch out for Emily Allen on the agility as she may run you over.

Kalli Durham led our vocal communication. I think she got that from her father. Jk Mark.

Kayla returned the spring to get her conditioning base established. Chelsea looks strong and determined, and Ashly Albert led the charge with her consistency and leadership.

We took advantage of resting the Rugby squad of Rachel Semansky and Ausha Cole.

Now our staff heads all over to find the next future Bobcats. This morning my daughter was so upset she couldn't go on the plane with me that she brought me her piggy bank to pay for her ticket.

It's hard to leave my family, but exciting to evaluate the next tier. As you can see with our returners coming back, our signees coming in, I am inspired about what is ahead for our program.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Final Four Combine- By Katie Bussey

Going into the Combine this past weekend, I was unsure of what to expect. I didn't know any other players that were going to be attending, and wasn't sure how many coaches and agents were going to be watching the show. After checking in on Friday and coming in contact with some of the other players, I was anxious to see how I was going to measure up against players from some of the best conferences in the nation, and was reassured knowing there were a few other players from mid major conferences as well.

The first part of the combine consisted of a 3-minute skills drill; speed, vertical and agility testing; and shooting drills. I performed well in each of the drills and felt at ease knowing I compared well to the other athletes. That afternoon we scrimmaged for the first time, and I learned that team Switzerland (my team) was one of the top two teams in the combine. I felt confident knowing that I was thought of as one of the top players there so when the scrimmages started I did not feel nervous in any way, and played well. Our team was very talented, and it was an incredible experience playing with the talent that I was able to play with. On Saturday we played two games, which concluded the combine.

While at the combine, I learned more about the process of becoming a professional women's basketball player. It was amazing to see all of the potential professionals in the room, and I was so glad to be included in the group. I have dreamed of becoming a professional basketball player for as long as I can remember, and I am truly blessed to know that this dream may soon be my reality. This experience will be one that I will never forget.

The combine was conveniently located in Denver CO, and I was lucky to have my parents watching my performance at the combine. My mom and I drove for 10
hours and she drove the entire way (bless her heart). We stopped at many gas stations along the way so that I could run around and keep the blood circulation flowing through my legs. Who knew that the 10 hour drive would be the most exasperating of the trip! But it was all part of the great memory! I was also one of very few with their college coaches in attendance, and I appreciated the support from both my coaches and my parents. My parents and I enjoyed our short time together, especially in the record breaking 80 degree weather! Unfortunatley we were not able to stay and watch the games at the Final Four, but did walk down the 16th street mall. It was amazing to see all of the support for Women's Basketball in Denver and it was a great environment for the tournament this year. The overall experience was very special to me and I am so lucky to have had the opportunity. That's the size of Griner's shoe as compared to mine by the way. Ha!