Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Round Two

Amy and I headed out to Phoenix last Wednesday on Alaska Airlines with a layover in Seattle. I don't have the best sense of direction, but I am certain this wasn't the most direct route.

I started off the trip disappointed that the Horizon magazines don't have the Suduko games like the Delta Airlines, but I did receive a "light" snack. The good news is that it left me hungry enough for In N Out Burger.

We arrived to110 degree heat which I don't mind if I am surrounded by water. What I don't understand, though, is why Phoenix has such drastic temperatures from inside to outside. The gyms were freezing. Would it be an NCAA violation for me to run alongside the basketball game I am watching to get warmer?

Day one was packed with games from 8:00am until 9:00pm. We managed to squeeze in dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings with Linda Cole, one of our freshman's mom's. I think Linda installed Ausha's toughness as Linda ate the "HOT" wings with ease. I suppose I am a rookie to "wing eating" as I had to wipe my lips with chapstick in between each wing, went through three glasses of ice tea, and then filled the table with 20+ exhausted napkins. The best magic trick I have ever seen was Linda using only one napkin!

Amy and I wrapped up day two and I headed back home for a few days with the family. I imagine Amy found her way back to In N Out Burger before her trip to San Diego. Too bad they don't have a punch card for a free meal.

I fly to San Diego tomorrow myself to wrap up 2010 July recruiting. I may bring a book because who knows where my layover may take me.

Coach Bin

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dead Period

Who came up with that title anyway? Are they trying to scare my six year old boy?

First of all, this past week has been anything BUT dead. The real work begins during the dead period when we are allowed to call coaches and prospects and see where they are at.

This time of year is when your unlimited amount of minutes matters and when you put the ear pieces in rather than your ear to the cell phone in case you are concerned you could get brain cancer.

I spent the majority of Friday and Saturday on the phone so I needed a break to get rejuvinated.

How do you do that in Montana? My husband gets the boat out, we head to Harrison Lake where you don't have reception, and I jump on the tube with my kids.

As I am holding Brooklyn on lap with my son on one side and his best friend on the other, my husband starts off conservative pulling us around the lake. Then Todd turns the wheel and our tube cruises across the wake to the otherside of the boat.

My son looks at me and says "finally daddy got his driver's license."

I am back and READY for the second round!

Coach Bin

Thursday, July 15, 2010

First Round Done!

To catch you up to speed, my family drove with me from Oregon City to Seattle Washington to watch the MSNM Tournament.

Here is what you DON'T do at University of Washington during the summer.

1) Don't drink coffee Peg Swadener (PSU Assistant Coach) It's 100 degrees in the gym
2) Don't go to the gym without your sunglasses. I ran into my old teammate Adia Barnes who I played with for the Cleveland Rockers. She is now doing the broadcasts for the Seattle Storm. Adia is perfect for television with her deep voice and beautiful face, but Adia, the bright neon lime green shoes might be too much for the viewers.
3) Don't tell too many June Daughtery stories (my former coach at BSU) although the pregnant and yelllow suit story when we played at UCLA is a must. That will be a blog for another time.

On from Seattle, I headed to Chicago on the redeye, my first and last experience. Between the middle seat and the bad body odor smeltering around I did not get an ounce of sleep. I was able to improve on my gag reflexes however without losing my dinner.

Chicago has an interesting way of countering the recent economic struggles. Just charge every motorist with a toll fee every time they get on and off the freeway. So you know, "express lane" is only for vehicles who have a purchased I Pass, not when you have exact change, not that I speak from past experience.

Chicago had a very solid tournament and although it was spread out all of the place I only had three frustrations;

1) air conditioning rises (hence-the coaches who watch from above have just moved to Bozeman in the winter and I did not pack that kind of clothing)
2) watching games from above you have two options. a) you can sit and peak through the railing b) you can stand and look over the railing. How do you take notes like that? I wish coaches would have seen me like that as heights are very deceptive and they may have believed I was actually 5'8 or maybe even 5'5.
3) which really has nothing to do with Chicago but for all Subway sandwich chains. Do you really think we can read your menu? What pressure to even find what you are looking for by the time they ask you what you want.

After two weeks on the road I landed safely in Bozeman just in time for "kite" flying with the kids. How fast do your kids grow in two weeks?

They start speaking in sentences. Favorite Brooklyn quote after this last trip happened to be at 4:00am when they were with me in Oregon City.

Brooklyn woke up and said "what are you doing mama?"

Coach Bin

Friday, July 2, 2010

Watch Out for Hail

I was in the MSU bookstore when clerks started running out to see what was making such a loud noise. As I walked up the stairs, I saw a patron holding what looked like snow balls.

Can you believe it was golf sized hail? Then I wondered how my new courtesy car was doing in the Fieldhouse parking lot.

The good news with Montana weather is that it can change in 5 minutes, so when the 5 minutes was up, our group made the jont back to the Fieldhouse.

The bad news with golf size hail is that we had plenty of surprises on our vehicles.

Rachel Semanksy had a window shattered. Tyler Wiltgen's windshield was shattered. Buildings lost windows, and for the rest of us, it looked like our cars went through 10 rounds of a boxing match.

My car dealer had more cars then just mine to worry about, so to roll with the punches he told me to get a bunch of WINS next year to make us all feel better.

I think winning solves a lot of problems. Don't you?

Coach Bin