Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I think all outside sports should only be offered during the months June, July, August, and September unless the sport requires a certain element of weather, for example SKIING. Soccer practices began which means crummy weather. Last night I witnessed both soccer goals crash during the course of the hour session due to the strong winds. Good news was that our kids were not near the goals. It was so stormy that our puppy Cole was shaking in fear, however. In Montana, any game or practice will be held unless there is a safety risk. I think a soccer goal tipping over might qualify for that. Since I am biased I can say that we do have the best soccer coach in the valley. Our kids are getting trained from all aspects of the sport whether it's the corner kick, throw in, pass, it was covered. Next week he is bringing in Mia Hamm for a session, joking of course. The most impressive moment was when I saw the uniforms. WOW! I think I might play soccer just to get the uniform. On a serious note, I do love spring in Bozeman because you never know what you're going to get. We have had 70's, 50's, maybe snow & shine in the same day but it's great to be outside. Except for our student athletes of course because it's finals week. Good luck to all of our EXCELLENT students. Finish strong! Coach Bin

Friday, April 12, 2013

It's a Boy

Last weekend my family adopted an 8 week puppy named Cole. Let me tell you how this happened. It began a long, long, time ago in a galaxy far away; Wait! I am getting off track. It started when our oldest child, Justin wanted a dog when he was about 3 years old. Todd and I were able to hold him off for a few years with the saying "we travel too much," or "it just wouldn't be fair to the dog," or "our yard isn't big enough. Then our second child comes along which bought us about another year, yet Brooklyn then began to talk and feed off her brother. "I want a dog too." So we started with a hamster and named him Opie Indiana Binford. That should solve it right? One month ago our neighbors down the street had a litter of bunnies and happened to be in our driveway with one when we were leaving the house. Justin then decided what he wanted for his birthday, a bunny! Todd and I with our careful consideration and thorough parenting abilities decided that bunnies were still easier to handle than dogs so we agreed he could get the bunny for his present. However, 2 weeks later before we got the bunny He went missing. No present in hand for our son's 9th Birthday party sent my fingers to the internet. Any other bunnies in Bozeman to buy? Then I clicked for some reason over to the Hearts of the Valley webpage and saw a gorgeous dog. I wasn't really serious at the time but showed Todd and said he had been thinking about getting a dog. Who do you call at that point? You call Nana because she knows the good and bad to every kind of dog breed there is. You don't call Papa because he will take all of them! She suggests checking the newspaper and boy did we. Todd went through the paper and saw a Yorki Smorki puppy for sale, we still liked the dog at Hearts of the Valley and were planning on visiting with a family of puppy labs later that afternoon. We met with Nana and Papa at McDonalds before visiting the first home when my dad said "You know what you are getting into right?" I said, "what do you mean?" "You aren't leaving there without that dog." I laughed and said "sure we will. We want to go to Hearts of the Valley and check out the labs too as that's what Justin said he wanted." As we pulled up to meet with the folks who had the Yorki I saw "Cole" sitting in the gentleman's arms and I said "oh no." I was sold as he was SO CUTE! Justin and Brooklyn got out of the car, knelt to the ground and Cole ran right up to them. Justin yelled "the is the one I want!" So we took him home, tried to think of some names and then I asked Justin who the Lego Ninja was that work black. "Cole!" A week later I feel like we have had another baby as Cole is going through potty training, yet I don't recall Justin and Brooklyn stealing my shoes as babies or biting my clothes. It's been a blessed week and my favorite line so far has been by Brooklyn. "Mom, Cole should listen!" Coach Bin

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Love to Work

There is a sense of satisfaction when you complete a challenge, a task, & especially an early morning workout. This morning our athletes rose to a chilly but refreshing morning to tackle the prowlers on the football field. Our strength coach threw in some additional medicine ball & situp activities throughout their circuit. My job was to make sure their arms didn't didn't go completely numb. I walked around with my husbands enormously big gloves, patted down the limbs, gave them the Rocky "fake" slap to their bellys as they were in and out of situps, and gave the 2 second shoulder massage. To walk away stronger both mentally & physically is exhilerating, although I think our players would also say a bit exhausting. After the workout I decided to stick around and see how steep the new stadium bleachers are compared to the old ones. I can tell you this. The view from the top of the Gallatin Valley was magnificent but you don't want me behind the wheel of a car because I might not be able to lift my legs up for the brake. They are still shaking! Coach Bin