Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Are we getting tired of hearing about polls already? I mean, we are less than a week away before the presidential election and I have seen more polling than I have Seinfeld reruns.

I feel this election coverage has been more like announcers realing off their baseball statistics. I understand statistics that affect the outcome of the game, but I really don't see the relevance of "Joe the Plumber" approval ratings. Ironically, he was playing baseball with his son. What an awesome dad!

Anyway, not to get off track here, but the only polls that really matter are the ones at the END of the season. November 4th will decide who our next President is; not CNN, NBC or Fox, and HOPEFULLY not Acorn. (Sorry, bad humor)

This past week the Big Sky Conference released the coaches and media poll for the 2008-09 season. Montana State was picked 3rd in both which is the highest we have been picked the last four years. However, every year we have also FINISHED higher than the polls. I suppose we now have some pressure this year as we have a very competitive conference.

I basically look at polls like I do a Chinese fortune cookie. The saying is interesting, but gets thrown in the trash without much afterthought. I have yet to read a fortune that is "actually" true. I'd much rather rely on the reality that my team can create.

As long as we compete, work hard, and stay focused throughout the season, I will be happy with our end results. I have faith that discipline to make the most of your individual gifts for the benefit of the team will take care of the polling. My team knows the value of sacrifice and teamwork. Who wouldn't be proud of that.

Coach Bin

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

SCOUT-What does that mean to you?

The word scout can mean a variety of things. The first thought that came into my mind was the book "To Kill a Mockingbird."

That, however, is not the scout I am talking about. When the leaves begin to fall it is my favorite season, basketball!

As all programs do, our team has set some challenging goals and expectations for our upcoming season. In order to start working toward them we, as a staff, try and create every opportunity to help our team achieve them.

One of these areas is having a competitive group compete and challenge our team every day in practice. For us, we call them the "scout" team.

Our scout guys are required to be enrolled at MSU just like our student athletes. They also need to be trained like they are considered a freshman. A good example of this was watching them pass to our players during a shooting drill. Unfortunately their passing was a bit suspect so I had to get them to focus better by putting them "on the line." Needless to say, their passing improved tremendously.

Now, all laughs aside, our scout guys are awesome. They are a big part of our accomplishments every day. So to our scout team, when we get to that Dance, and not the one at the "Zebra", we will be sure to give you a big thanks as you will be a major part of why we were able to achieve this big step for our program.

Go Cats!

Coach Bin

Monday, October 20, 2008


Well, now you know why I haven't posted a blog in so long. Our players finally got to put away the track shoes and lace up the basketball ones. We have been busy getting our first practices under our belts.

This year's team is so energized that I may need to take the batteries out to wind them down. It has been incredible! They used to call the first day of practice Midnight Madness because everyone would go at Midnight. Then the time gradually got earlier and earlier. This year we were allowed to start at 5:00pm. At least I know my players are making good decisions during Happy Hour.

We only have a few weeks before our first game so there is quite a bit for us to get in as a squad. However, the good news is that we have a great core returning to bring the underclassmen along. It's going to be an exciting year. We will see you in the Fieldhouse on November 8th.

Coach Bin

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


The first weekend out evaluating with my 2 month year old daughter was a success. What I mean by that is that I have a future BALLER in my arms. The only time Brooklyn cried is when I didn't let her watch the basketball game. I was so proud.

I will also say for all the other coaches out there, having a baby in your arms is quite the recruiting advantage. Moms & prospects were checking her out, (obviously not talking with me of course as that would be a violation), but it does get MSU noticed.

However, I heard that one school surpassed that. I will NOT require my staff to show up at a game in our mascot's uniform, but apparently another school did.


Coach Bin

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Ok, so the Starzz didn't pull out the win, but the series isn't over yet.

With that said, what a spread we had last night. Our team can cook, or should I say their mom's? We had quite the variety.

Mara brought a tasty tenderloin dish, one that her family eats regularly in Germany.
Erica BOUGHT fried chicken (cheater). She and I both enjoy Popeyes, however.
Nubia and Katie cooked enchiladas, Nubia because she's "Mexican" was her reasoning and Katie because Alamosa has many mexican restaurants.
Alyssa didn't have time to bake her favorite dessert dish but settled for cheese cake which my husband enjoyed.
Sarah was creative with her fruit salad MADE of WASHINGTON apples.
Rachel Pauli's mom cooked her spread which could feed the entire MSU campus.
Rachel Rehbein had a jello dish mixed with 7up? I suppose she at that for her tummy aches. Jenny brought the 7 layer dip that her family enjoys for all sporting gatherings much like ours. Jamie and Lyndi were in charge of mashed potatoes, and I am still unsure as to the significance there.
Janette had some very good cornbread. Mmm
Last but not least the coaches cooked up some trout and salmon. We are all from Colorado, Idaho, and Washington all known for some tasty fish.

The good news is that we had our individual practices, or what we call IP's to burn off all the calories. The players were in early today getting extra reps in. We have Champions on this squad with Championship effort.

I can't wait for the season.

Go Cats!

Coach Bin

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


My team is coming for dinner tonight to watch the first game between the Detroit Shock and San Antonio Silver Starzz. It will be an interesting spread as our players and coaching staff are all required to bring a dish that says something about them and where they're from. I am cooking trout as I grew up in Colorado fishing the Roaring Fork River with my dad.

I am a HUGE supporter of the Starzz as my former head coach from the Cleveland Rockers is the head coach of the Starzz, Dan Hughes. He is one of the best in the business and the 2007 WNBA Coach of the Year. Also, my former teammates from Cleveland, Ann Wauters and Helen Darling are on the Starzz team, so good luck San Antonio.

FYI to my team. If you are going to root for Detroit, you are not invited (unless you have a very good dish for us to eat). I will maybe let you cheer quietly.

Coach Bin