Monday, November 22, 2010

Bobcat Football Big Sky Champs!

Congrats go out to our football team who had a heart thumping victory at U of M this Saturday.

Our staff prepared for our team to watch this game as we knew we'd be in the Salt Lake City Airport during the second half. We brought the projector and hooked it up to the internet to show the game via Big Sky TV on the wall at gate E65. Unfortunately the internet connection wasso  low that every play was buffered to our scrutiny. It seemed like the only time it was in real action was when they were showing crowd shots.

Back up plan came into play as Tyler, our radio guy, hooked up the radio feed and held the radio speakers in each hand as the team crowded around. It felt like we were getting a reading of the Night Before Christmas, yet without the fireplace or the narration so to speak.

Instead, we clapped, cheering, gasped when the Griz did something well. In the midst was one poor Griz fan surrounded by Blue and Gold in all seats. He was a good sport and tried to hold his emotions in as he was obviously in the minority. 

As the final seconds ticked away and we were now boarding our flight to Bozeman, the final confirmation came through Shannon Scanson by text as Justin repeated the interception by our own Mike Ryder to seal the W 21-16.

Go Cats and good luck in playoffs!

Coach Bin

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Here's a great question for all coaches around the country. How do you play a team who has a 6'8 post player, and athletes bigger or faster than yours?

MSU Offensive Answer-Add an extra shot fake, spread them out, and light it up from 3!

MSU Defensive Answer-Pack in the Paint, and rebound your guts out!

One of our goals going into this game was to force Baylor to take the first timeout. We accomplished that goal when we went up 4-0 with 6'0 Rachel Semansky scoring on Griner twice. I am not sure if she was aloof to the fact she was being guarded by 8 more inches or just attacking aggressively like she always does. Whatever the answer, I was proud of our team's first half effort and execution. Griner still got 5 blocks.

The second half wasn't as solid for us. Part of it was just running out of gas keeping up with that level of physicality and athleticism, and part of it was just putting two halves together.

I think tomorrow morning we'll eat a few more Wheaties to challenge the boards stronger, and then keep the game simpler for ourselves.

The answer for that-Put Two Halves Together!

Coach Bin

Friday, November 12, 2010


It's nearly 11:00pm, and I just watched our first game back vs Rice University. After writing 2 pages of improvements in my notebook and losing our first game in overtime, I couldn't be more optimistic.

See, only four days ago we lost our starting point guard who also rotated at the post to a season ending ACL injury. As any coach or player can attest to, losing a member of your team for the year is hard, but you have to regroup, adapt, and have players step up.

The good news is that we get Ashley Albert back for three years, she didn't lose a year of eligibility, and we have the preseason to work out the kinks with our new rotation before we hit conference. Injuries are part of seasons, and as all teams know, very rarely does one day, let alone one game go exactly had you expected it to.

Winners focus and are consistent on what is in their control-attitude, effort, execution. The list can go on.

So that leads us to today. Ally Schmitt started for us at the point who is gritty, tough, and physical. We rotated a variety of lineups, some due to foul trouble and came back from a 16 point halftime deficit.

Down 2 wiith 2.5 seconds remaining on the clock freshman Emily Allen got a steal and was fouled in the process. As she gingerly got up off the floor the official thought she was hurt and asked if she was ok as she was walking to the freethrow line. Her reply. "No, I am just nervous."

She then steps to the line nails the first freethrow as the bench jumps up in a roar. Emily then looks over at the bench and rolls her eyes nervously again, steps up and then nails the second. Tie game. Rice inbounds and we go into overtime.

We didn't have the happy ending tonight with a victory as we fell short 86-83. However, I had a team respond with great character to adversity from an injury, a huge deficit, and two starters foul out with a perseverant fight that only comes from within.

Tomorrow we tip off with Baylor who is ranked #2 in the country with 6'8 Brittany Griner. I am anxious, excited, and can't wait for the opportunity our team has to compete with one of the best teams in the entire country.

I just hope Emily Allen doesn't tell the officials she's nervous again before she drives to the basket against Griner. Then again, maybe she'll get a 3 point conversion out of it.

Coach Bin

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Bling Is Back

We had our first exhibition game yesterday, and with that, shootarounds. Last year we started the shootaround bling ritual which means our players can shoot around in their jewelry.

Yesterday did not disappoint as this year's squad was as sparkly as ever. We got our first game jitters out against the tenacious Montana Tech and finish off our exhbition schedule on Saturday before we leave for Texas.

I am not a believer in superstition, but it sure is comforting to keep a consistent routine on game day even if it requires you to wear sunglasses.

Here a few kinks we had to iron out for the first home contest.
  • Tyler-our radio guy couldn't find his microphone for our interview. I hope he finds it by Saturday.
  • Pregame clock management-Rachel Rehbein pounded on Coach Scanson's door asking why the clock hadn't yet started for their warmup.
  • Substitutions-As the official told me we only had four players on the floor, Ally had replaced Ashley at the one spot, but Ashley was now supposed to play the post. Whoops!
Game Days sure are exciting!

Coach Bin

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy or Horror Halloween

Depending on your age is whether you love or hate this holiday.

Look at who shows up to the Haunted Houses, dresses up in gory costumes, or goes to the horror movies, the teenagers and college kids. They love to get scared and LOVE this holiday.

Then take the parent of a young kid. We are ready for November 1st so our children don't get spooked by the costumes, commercials, or freaky decor on neighborhood homes. To me the holiday is a little too Gothic.

Don't get me wrong. I love many aspects of Halloween, including pumpkin carving and the always eventful trick or treating.

Last night while trick or treating my daughter walked up to a door, turned around, grabbed a candy out of her bucket and began to eat it. The owner tried to give her a candy around her shoulder, but Brooklyn was too interested in what she already had.

After our kids crashed for the evening after their sugar highs I thought of another group of people that probably don't love this holiday either, dentists!

Coach Bin