Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Stanford Prevails

Did you watch Xavier and Stanford play last night? WHAT A GAME!!!

Highlight for Montana: Jocelyn Tinkle comes in as a Freshman for crucial minutes after Jayne Appel fouls out. Clock is winding down and she has the ball in her hands. What does she do? She drives to the basket and TIES the game.

Highlight for Big Sky: Lisa Jones officiated. You don't know who she is? She's the official that can bench press more than my entire roster. We started our four day weight program yesterday. Our goal is to bench more than Lisa by next fall.

Highlight for the West Coast: After Pohlen's 4.4 drive the length of the court, Stanford can hopefully get their shooting back by Sunday and represent the West like they have the last decade.

Lowest moment of the evening: Watching that darn tree dance around on the court again. My son asked how he sees. My answer, "He obviously can't."

Good luck Stanford in San Antonio. The Montana State staff will be there cheering you on!

Coach Bin

Monday, March 29, 2010


Parents obviously have a vested interest in their daughter's success. If they didn't, I would be worried. What I love to see is how they handle their stress watching from the stands.

Todd and I were watching Oklahoma and Notre Dame last night and they showed two parents who were NOT sitting by each other. I looked at Todd and asked him how we would be. Despite the answer, I think we would probably be sitting apart at Brooklyn's games, based on our T-Ball game experiences with Justin!

Coach Saneholtz says her dad, Barney, was nowhere to be found during games- he was sitting up in the rafters of Beasley Colesium getting all worked up at the refs. He had the decency to save his fellow Cougar fans from his shananigans (says Marcia) although I bet most of them would have been on board with harrassing of the stripes!

Coach Close's parents would rarely sit together, but that wasn't becuase John was going crazy at the refs, it was because he was nervous and fidgety and wanted to move around. It was Kathy who would get all riled up!

Coach Scanson's parents ALWAYS sat together and got after the refs together! And believe or not, they still do. They sit directly across from our bench and give 'em heck!

I think that's the advantage that players have because when you are on the floor you don't have time to be stressed. You are IN THE MOMENT. So good luck to all our parents, including our family, as T-Ball season is right around the corner.

Go Cats!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


So many things to discuss on this topic.

1) When you watch the games, are you a fan, a coach, a critic, or do you really think you can officiate better than the crew on the floor?

I lean more toward "student of the game", as I want to continue learning how to be better for my team in game situations. 2 years ago I LOVED Nebraska's baseline out of bounds play, so now we have an out of bounds play called "Nebraska." I am also pulling for them as the dark horse!

2) Why are there more upsets on the men's side verses the women's side?

My theory is the scholarship difference. The men can only offer 13 why we can offer 15. On the women's side, if you take 2 of those players off the end of the bench of the high majors and give them to mid majors, you're seeing more parity. The UNI men have been fun to watch and root for, and congrats to San Diego State and Gonzaga for their "Cinderella" wins on the women's side.

3) Why can't ESPN show a current game being played for 5 minutes rather than going to the studio all the time?

I catch more live action for the men's games than the women's and was furious when I only got to watch our Big Sky representative PSU complete the opening tip.

4) Why can't the games be officiated like this during the regular season?

The games have been physical. The officials are letting them play similar to my WNBA experience, but in the regular season you're seeing teams shoot 30+ Free throws. Now coaches are having to foul just to get to the bonus for end of game situations. Sorry Jen Rizzoti, your game was the exception, and I am totally behind your argument!

5) Is the game evolving faster every year?

It has to be as I am not sure I would recruit me now when I was in high school.

6) This is not a question, but these games have been really fun to watch! Women compete, they have passion, desire, emotion and they work! They are as tough as they have ever been and respect the game by playing it well.

I love this game! Hope you are enjoying as well!

Coach Bin

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Big Sky Tournament

4 points, Claire Faucher, and a few too many turnovers prevented us from going dancing. I AM BUMMED but extremely proud of our team's run. Here is the recap.

Wednesday: Arrived at Field house 8:15am to leave for bus trip to Spokane. Trainer takes me immediately to the training room. Lyndi Seidensticker, one of our best 3 point shooters is sitting on a table holding her shooting hand with a thumb that is black and blue. We have it Xrayed and it is broken. She is out for the weekend. My son tells her he is sorry she hurt her hand.

5:30pm: After practice at EW, we arrive to the Northern Quest Hotel and Casino. Yes, it is a casino/hotel and NO our players did not go in the casino. I can neither confirm or deny my staff frequenting the tables.

Highlights of Hotel:

1) Shower- 1 shower head, 4 sprays. It makes for a great splash park for a 5 year old and 20 month year old.

2) Restaurants- Great seafood. I think Erica Perry and Janette Jackson ate 4 pounds of crab legs. My son ate 4 pounds of clams.

3) Fitness Center- The one place that didn't smell like smoke.

Low lights of Hotel:

1) It is a casino. Not sure this is the best example for our student athletes.

2) My throat hurt everyday because of the smoke.

3) It isn't 100% kid accident proof. Thanks for being available Roger!

Thursday: 3:30 tip off.

Ally Schmitt comes in the first half and drains two 3's. I sit back and watch our team play for Lyndi on the sidelines. We move on to the semifinals.

Friday: 6:00 tip off.

Down 1 at halftime. We talk about getting some offense from our transition. Erica comes out and scores something like 17 points in the second half. Sarah hits a huge 3to seal the win and take us to the championship game.

Saturday: 2:00 tip off.

Pregame meal. Media is calling for interviews asking how tired we are. I look at them cracking jokes and answer, "We are all adrenaline at this point".

Game starts. We fight and claw and fumble the ball all over the place. We can't get into a good rhythm vs PSU's zone. If we could just take care of the ball I know we will get over the hump. Jamie Thornton throws her body on the floor for an extra possession. Every time we score, phone is ringing, Claire answers.

Down 4 at halftime. We have had more success this past month being down at halftime- so we use that for confidence.

2nd half Erica and Sarah show why they were selected to the All Tournament team. PSU shoots a 3, it bounces 3 times and falls in. Ashley Albert shoots a 3 it bounces 3 times and falls out. The ball just does not bounce our way.

We lose by 4 points. Our players walk off wishing we could have just taken care of the ball a few more possessions.

Getting this close hurts that much more, but the comeback our team made 2 months ago to get here when they could have thrown in the towel was amazing. What character our players had in an unbelievable run.

We graduate Erica Perry and Jamie Thornton, but the Bobcats have a lot to be excited about for next season. We have the tournament experience and a bunch of talent that is not satisfied with this outcome.

We wish PSU the best against Texas A&M representing the Big Sky.

As for the Bobcats, we will rest up, watch the games, and start preparing for the 2011 Championship season.

Go Cats!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

March Madness

March Madness for the Bobcats came early this past weekend on our last conference trip to UNC and NAU. It's all about the Denver International Airport.

Travel from Bozeman to Denver to Greeley, no problem.

Left hotel at 6:00am for airport to go from Denver-Phoenix-Flagstaff.

Rachel Semansky forgets whiteboards in van. Mandy Close goes back to get them and misses flight.

Board the plane in Denver. Sit on it for an hour listening to the worst sound humanly bearable. Pilot explains that sound is NOT normal. Flight gets cancelled.

Rejoin Mandy. Rachel apologizes for forgetting whiteboards.

Team takes turns standing in line for help desk.

Mandy talks to Montana Travel and Chad at help desk to find all possible solutions. Fly to Las Vegas and drive from there? Drive from Denver?

Jamie Thornton buys me a diet soda to keep me happy.

Finally get team on two different flights into Phoenix. One party leaves at 6:45pm, other at 9:00pm. Now I am dehydrated from drinking too much soda.

Leave terminal to get bags and recheck onto later flights. We can't check our luggage until four hours prior, so check bags into storage. First group gets seated in first class (yay!).

Mandy's bag is lost from other flight they put her on.

Get lunch with some vouchers for the flight cancelled. Vouchers cover the tip. Could have used a refill on my water.

Group on later flight takes a shuttle to a mall to watch the worst movie they have ever seen. Our group vegges out in boredom for 2 more hours.

Head through security. I take a walk down terminal to get exercise.

It's finally time to board. Get to rehydrate with water in GLASSES rather than cups in first class. I could get used to first class travel. They refill your glass.

First group arrives at airport hotel. Justin Scanson continues texting all of the possible scenarios for tournament seeds.

2nd group arrives. Everyone snuggles as this hotel doesn't have any double rooms left. Amy manages to get us a free breakfast buffet though.

Leave for Phoenix airport. Direct flight into Flagstaff with minimal delays. Minimal at this point is anything under a half a day.

Arrive at hotel and head to shootaround.

Step on court to explain what the purpose of this adversity was for. Tired, fatigued, sore. We must show our mental focus and mental toughness to get through this game tonight at 7,000 feet.

Arrive to arena. NAU staff leaves a whiteboard for our staff and washed our uniforms, which we are thankful for.

Win our first game in Flagstaff since I have been the head coach at MSU.

Leave airport-Flagstaff to Phoenix. Later hear Flagstaff has a whiteout and no other flights are leaving.

Get to DENVER airport and find out we have a delay. After 5 hours of waiting in Denver we board and get HOME at 6:30pm.

Long story short. We are taking the bus to Cheney for the Big Sky Tournament tomorrow.

Go Cats!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Epic Win

I only used the word Epic since our Sports Information Director used it.

Saturday our team beat the Grizzlies on their home floor in front of 5,000 fans. This was a big win for the Bobcats as it clinched our team a Big Sky Tournament birth.

More importantly, however, is how hard it is to win on the road and especially in Missoula. The last time the Cats won there was in 1999.

Here are some highlights of the day:

1) Shootaround Bling-We allow our players to wear jewelry at shootarounds. It was sparkly.

2) My team bought me a liter of Diet Soda with a bow for my birthday so I put it on ice in the locker room before the game.

3) Game Recap-Montana hits a 3 to go up 3 around 2 minutes to go in the game. The arena goes crazy until Katie Bussey nails a 3 to tie 15 seconds later. We get a stop, call a time out, draw up a play for Katie to hit another 3 and she nails it again! We hold on to win.

4) I go into the locker room and rip the soda out of the ice as we all celebrate.

5) Tyler, (our radio guy), gets me on the radio to hear "Prince" sing "We're Partying like It's 1999."

6) We get on the bus and pour the pop for everyone to toast to the victory.

Top two quote of the day.

Carla Albert, Ashley's mom says "the freshmen are 1-0 in Dalberg Arena."

Let's build on that record.

Go Cats,

Coach Bin