Monday, August 31, 2009

Pro Vs College

Professional Basketball & College Basketball
  • SIMILARITY: Getting Paid. You total up the cost of a full ride education; books, room, board, summer school, and I would say you should be VERY thankful for that degree when you graduate. Playing basketball whether in college or professionally is the best job on earth. Therefore, change your attitude when you run 10 suicides, redshirt a year to GET BETTER, or have an injury setback. Every job has its challenges, but this job has great rewards. How many jobs keep you fit, provide you friendships for life, and teach you how to persevere?

  • DIFFERENCE: Retention. Athletes will feel the pressure to perform at both the college and professional level. However, you don't get cut or traded from your college team like you do professionally. Can you imagine if it were possible in the Big Sky to trade players? Sherri Murrell calls up Robin Selvig and says, I am low on fours, you want to trade Sara Ena for Erin Jones?

  • SIMILARITY: Same game, just minor changes. In Australia, the ball is bigger, the 3 point line further out, the key wider, and the uniforms MUCH tighter. In the WNBA, there are four quarters, you can advance the ball with a timeout, and you can foul one more time each game. When it's all said and done, however, it is much like Hoosiers. Take the measuring tape, and the rim is exactly the same height every gym you walk into. You compete!
  • DIFFERENCE: Multi tasking. It is harder to be a successful college student athlete than it is a professional one because you have to go to class and study on top of performing on the court. When I played professionally, I got PLENTY of sleep and got to work on my game whenever I wanted. The hardest part about playing professionally is not abusing all of the extra time on your hands and spending all of your per diem money.

Whether your goal is to play college or professional basketball just remember one thing. You can't play competitively forever. You better make sure you are ready for your future after you put those shoes up.

Rebecca Mercer, MSU Degree Health & Human Development now plays for the Perth Lynx in Australia and Mara Hoefer MSU Degree Business Management plays for the BBVLeipzig Eagles in Germany.

What an opportunity to play for as long as you can and know that you have the certification in hand for when it is time to take the next step.

Coach Bin

Thursday, August 27, 2009



Yes, that is what it takes to make it to the next level. Do not make your game more complicated than it needs to be.

One of the best point guards of all time was John Stockton. He was an amazing passer, and he pounded that ball to the floor like he was killing every ant in site. He never had to over dribble, over state a game that is perfect in its purest form.

I think my dad must have been a Stockton fan. Growing up he told me that I didn't need to go behind the back or between the legs with my dribble to be effective. He thought that was "showing off." I just had to perfect a few moves and I could take my game to the next level. So that's what I did. I learned the hesitiation, in and out, and cross over, and then I mixed them up together.

Get a great move, a counter move, and then a JOKER, and practice, practice, perfect, and dominate! Less is More.

If Erica Perry, however, wants to throw a behind the back pass to Jamie Thornton in transition to get the crowd roaring, I say "no harm done." Just don't mess up the pass.

Coach Bin

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Our congrats go out to Erin, MSU WBB graduate, who finished her first half marathon this past week in San Diego.

You are an inspiration. Keep it up and we'll see you in California when we play Bakersfield and Pacific in November.

Coach Bin

Monday, August 17, 2009


We've all said it. Someone has offered us something to try, and when we spit it out, we just chalk it up to acquired taste.

What does that mean really? We just need to keep eating it or drinking it and EVENTUALLY we will like it? Why would we want to do that if we DON'T like it.

Here are a couple of examples of WHY someone would encourage you to acquire the taste.

Australia-Vegemite. Uck! I have heard it is good for you. Therefore, I guess if you keep eating it, after a while the payoffs will be positive.

Wine-Anywhere. One glass is good for your heart. (ONE) I think if you continue to swirl it around in the glass eventually most of the wine will be spilled and there will be less to "acquire."

Coffee-I haven't been a coffee drinker even after having 2 kids. Yet this weekend after my family tried to camp in 35 degree weather with a one and five year old, non stop rain, I actually forced a cup down at 6:30am.

I suppose some of the acquired tastes have their benefits if taken in moderation. However, I am pretty stubborn in enjoying what already tastes good.

By the way, this post really has no purpose today, so if you're trying to find one, it may take a while. I haven't had a cup of coffee.

Coach Bin

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


This one word has more influence over a team than any other. Let me explain why.

1) Leadership WILL influence its followers regardless of whether its good or bad.

2) Leadership can come from anyone.

3) Leadership will ultimately be the reason why your team succeeds OR fails to reach its potential.

Let's talk about these points.

The first point is for coaches and upperclassmen. You better be able to walk the talk. If you aren't the best example for the others to follow it won't matter what you say. You won't have the respect or the loyalty to get the very best of the team.

The second is not to get so caught up in the titles. Some of the greatest moments of leadership have come from someone who wasn't the "boss" or the "captain" but just one of the crew. There is a time to be a follower and a time to be a leader. Respect should be universal, and everyone should be valued.

The actions of an effective team starts with great leadership. Great leadership is the catalyst that fosters motivation, chemistry, trust, and most importantly, teamwork.
It creates a learning environment that will continue to build every year.

Once that develops coaches will be able to give more ownership to the upperclassmen that can set the example and hold their peers accountable to the standard that has already been established. The underclassmen can see what is expected of them and then grow from a follower to a leader in the future.

If you want to see the best example of leadership, come and watch our seniors Jamie Thornton and Erica Perry this upcoming season. They have grown up in this program, learned the expectations, and have set a higher standard for Montana State Women's Basketball. My job has become a whole lot easier.

I am stepping back and letting this leadership rise.

Go Cats!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


I just got home from speaking at the Montana Coaches Clinic in Great Falls. I want to thank my volunteers who stepped up to demonstrate the dribble drive offense. I am not sure they knew what they were getting into when I had them go "live", as one volunteer, Megan didn't even have shoes on. John, Kye, Megan, and my amazing assitant coaches Amy Saneholtz and Justin Scanson rocked the dribble drive!

I always enjoy talking X's & O's, but this comes to my point of taking it to the next level this week.


When Erica Perry first came to Montana State I felt like the Matador waving my red cape for her to attack up the court like a bull only to see her waddle into the arena like a turtle. Erica in high school walked the ball up the court and passed to 6'4, then ran back to play defense.

Four years later the Matador is sweating prefusely and the bull has come to life for the Bobcats! You want to see transition or a player that can break anyone down 1 on1? Come watch Erica Perry as the BULL!

My point is that Erica is best in an uptempo game that forces her to create offense off the dribble because she has an amazing handle. I could go through my entire team and how they fit perfectly into our dribble drive motion offense.

If you are looking to take your game to the Next Level, make sure you play to your strengths, and the opponent will be dropping the red cape and running the other way!

Coach Bin