Thursday, July 19, 2012

Peyton, Summer School, and Epic Adventures

My first session of summer school here is not what I expected it to be... I was excited to come over to Bozeman, but was sort of over looking the school part of it. I suffered from the typical high school "senioritis" and was happy to be done! As the move got closer, I finally started realizing, oh shoot I have to start school again too! Trying to get all of my homework done at the begining was kind of rough but I made it through that first week and then it all got easier. It helps that the teachers give you the entire homework plan for the session on the first day so I've kind of been cheating ahead. Now I have a balance between school, workouts, and going and doing lots of fun things. Outside of school and workouts, I have been able to go on some pretty epic adventures. These adventures have included hiking up to the top of a waterfall with Rachel and Jasmine (they did not think I was going to get back down because it was pretty rocky and steep). Jackie took some of us to the Dirty Dash in Billings which was fun but had its side effects, going to the movies, playing Thursday morning tennis, and just being able to spend time with some new friends. My experience here has been a blast so far and I am excited for more to come.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Gone Fishin'

Montana has some of the best fishing in the world! I learned this weekend there are many kinds of fishermen. 1. The spectator: Those who enjoy being outside with nature and being entertained. They pick flowers, skip rocks, or look for frogs. This is my daughter. 2. The manager: Those who prepare the fishing pole, put the bait on, get you out of being stuck, clean the fish; all of the dirty work and behind the scenes. This is my husband. 3. The unselfish teammate: Those who give a great pass, set a solid screen, or in the case of fishing, always have the net ready to pull the fish to shore. This is my son. 4. The star: All conference player- those who know when to yank the rod and catch the fish. This is our neighbor Ella, who is five. She had six bites before catching her first fish. I thought it was going to pull her in, but what a day to remember. In the midst of the Dead Period, July's break of basketball games for coaches and players, take a day off and go fishing. There is something in it for everyone! Coach Bin

Friday, July 6, 2012

What July is All About

You are probably thinking about the glass water on the lake, breathtaking runs or sipping on a refreshing ice tea, but the glory of July is the balls bouncing! Today was the first day in Oregon City which began at 9:00am and finished this evening at 10:00pm. I checked in last night to the Crown Plaza and just so you know they are not a Marriott affiliate they are a Priority Clubs Rewards. That's like asking Wendy's for a Happy meal, and yes I asked if I could redeem my Marriott points. Today I saw the most left handed basketball players in the history of the sport and think there is some kind of conspiracy going on by Amy and Mandy my two left handed coaches. The first criteria for our newest coach on staff, Kellee Barney was that she was right handed. I want to thank Amy for covering me once again, yesterday helped me find my car and today had an extra highlighter and paperclip. To Mandy, please run slowly in the morning as I will be trying to keep up with you and to Kellee on Sunday, tag you are it! I will be off the road for two days to see my family, Coach Bin