Wednesday, December 29, 2010


We have had our share of injuries this season. Since we are in Montana I won't say when it rains it pours but maybe when it snows it blizzards!

The good news, however, is that you can't build a Frosty the Snowman without enough snow, and you certainly can't enjoy skiing without fresh new powder. It's always how you look and respond to it.

Yesterday was a perfect example of our resilience when we finished practice with seven players after beginning the season with twelve. As they were getting a water break, one of our captains Katie Bussey said the good news is that we get extra reps!

This group is tough and positive. They have fought through a lot of adversity and been able to stay focused on what they can control. We just broke a school record with 107 points last week so I think our kids haven't lost their edge.

We already have a million stories on the season so far, I can't imagine what stories we will finish with.
I suppose after a bus trip to Utah this week we might add to it. Let's just hope the new stories are of healing!

Coach Bin

Sunday, December 26, 2010


I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.

In between the Star Wars Lego sets and the dolls that Brooklyn didn't want, I was glad to hear my son still knew what this holiday is about. He told me we were celebrating Jesus's birthday, everything he has done for us, and giving to others as well. Next is getting Brooklyn to understand that as she thinks it's to play with Justin's presents.

My family spent this year's Christmas with Todd's family in Idaho, and every year it just goes by too fast.
Todd and the kids are staying a few extra days while I fly home for practice and a road trip to Utah.

So my travel continues back to Bozeman as today I started in the Boise airport. It began with the entertaining security guard looking up and down my photo ID, chuckling before he said "Binford Tools" hugh?

As I entered my millionth bathroom to shut the door, it just continued to slide open despite numerous attempts on the switch. I thought to myself, how can the geniuses in our world who invent the I pad, French Press Coffee Mug, disposable diapers NOT create door handles that actually stay shut? Instead they create the motion sensor which makes the toilet flush at random times possibly while you are going to the bathroom.

I do know that I am not a genius as I tried to blog off my blackberry. A real genius gave us the internet and wireless.

So please forgive me for my sarcasm as I am using it now in the SLC airport. Icould always drink less water to solve my other problem.

Coach Bin

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Stay At Home Dads

People ask me all the time how Todd and I do it, raising two kids, with me being at work all day.
It's simple, give and take. You won't do everything exactly how your spouse would like them done and they won't do everything exactly how you would have them done.

Few examples:

1) Groceries-When Todd goes shopping we end up with a lot more candy and frozen meals. When I go shopping we end up with more food period.
2) Dress-This one is from yesterday when I met Todd and Brooklyn at Justin's school for his school's holiday program. I had picked out a nice red sweater for him the day before to wear. When I get there Brooklyn is still in her pj's with tube socks over them pulled up to her knees and Nike shoes on. Her hair is a mess. When Justin's class takes the stage I ask Todd if he can see him. He says to me, "just look for the kid in the orange shirt."

Yes, it's true. My son was standing there in the middle of red, green, white, girls in Christmas dresses, boys with ties, and my son's orange shirt with a football on the front.

The good news is that he was really easier to find!

Coach Bin

Monday, December 13, 2010


Every coach knows how important experience is to the success of a team, and I can't think of a better example than watching Carrie Underwood in concert last night.

If any of you are avid blog readers you will recall my husband and I going to her concert two years ago in the Fieldhouse when she came out for her encore in an MSU Women's Basketball jersey. It was an unbelievable concert. In the Big Sky Conference she would have been named Freshman of the Year.

Two years later Carrie has taken her game a whole new level! Last night she sang one song while swinging herself back and forth on a swing, at an uncomfortable height I might add. My players can't complain when I demand them to sprint back on defense AND communicate AND see the ball all at the same time. If Carrie can swing herself, hold on, and sing amazing then we can play great transition defense. Can I get your ab workout for our team?
Underwood has also shown to have strong endurance, another sign of a champion, when she told us she was on concert 94 and eventually breaking 100. I did pray for her voice however because that is like playing in three overtime periods. May I suggest a ten minute ice bath.

The most impressive strength of Carrie's besides her vocals was her balance. Great athletes have great balance and I did also pray that she not walk so close to the ledge in center of the stage that brought her out at the beginning of the show. It looked like she was tip toeing in those high heels inches away from a sudden drop off.

Speaking of heels, Todd and I brought the binoculars so I got to see up close all the wardrobe changes and the shoes ROCKED! I especially liked the blue "bling" ones not that my favorite color is blue or anything. She made it the entire concert, too, I might add without getting taped.

Last but certainly not least, the highlight of the show was when she came out in the back of an old pick up truck suspended in air over the crowd. She was singing John Denver's "Country Road." Yes, I am from Colorado.

Other tidbits:
  • To the "Son's of Sylvia" who opened up the show, it's actually pretty warm right now in Bozeman. You should have been here 3 weeks ago.
  • Whoever schedules the shows, please next time don't have it the night before finals begin. Half of my team was at the show.
  • Billy Currington-Are you trying to start fights with spouses when you get the crowd to scream singing "WOMEN" are crazy? Todd wasn't sure if he should join in or not.
  • Carrie-Thank you for donating part of every show to charity. You are a class act.
Thank you Carrie Underwood for BRINGING IT a second time and for surpassing your previous perfomance. You are an amazing performer, a gifted singer, and I am thankful that God answered both of my requests last night for your voice and your balance!

Coach Bin

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Buffalo Wild Wings

I forgot to tell you of our latest story on the road following our football team's post season run. Coach Scanson was able to find us a Buffalo Wild Wings in California that put the playoff game on so we could watch during lunch.

If any of you have watched a football game, however, they last a little longer than one meal. So we had some appetizers, drank a lot of water, shifted our seating positions often, and went to the bathroom on more than one occassion.

As I exited the restroom and saw the sign on the door I was fairly optimistic about our viewing conditions. Yes it would have been nice to be at the live game with our sold out home crowd, but when you see the player's breathe and realize it is freezing cold outside, my 70 degree inside chair wasn't all that bad.

Congrats to our boys who had a thrilling season and a big thanks to Buffalo Wild Wings for their hospitality and EXTRA napkins!

Coach Bin

Monday, December 6, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Our team has been on the road the last four weekends in a row playing 8 of our first 9 games away from the Fieldhouse as well. Needless to say, we are all glad to be home in our own beds.

Now that we are travelling experts I thought I'd share with you what I appreciate when I travel.

  • Bozeman Airport-It only takes 15 minutes to get there, and probably less than 15 minutes to get through security. We also do NOT have the full body scanners yet and the first 30 minutes in parking is free! Drawback-the magazines are a week behind.
  • Hotels with great workout facilities-I probably get my best workouts on the road because I seem to have more free time than I do at  home. I especially like the equipment that has the t.v. on it so you can watch something besides yourself run in motion. Drawback-When they are next to the pool. I feel like I lose 5 pounds just from sweating.
  • Amenities-My guest bathroom is stocked with the soaps and shampoos I bring home. Don't worry. I am not as bad as Ross on Friends when he filled a whole bag to get his monies worth.
  • The flavored water near the reception area. My favorire is the cucumber.
  • I couldn't finish without my favorite restaurant as I took the team to In N Out Burger last night. Thank you Marshall for the In N Out t-shirt.
Glad to be home!

Coach Bin