Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

To all the families who have lost a loved one our thoughts and prayers go out to you. This holiday is a somber one for many but also a celebration of our freedom because of the sacrifices of our soliders. Today at the parade I was moved to tears when one of the women in the parade said "Wave your flags. It's GREAT to be an American." Thank you to all of our men and women in uniform who serve our country. Coach Bin

Friday, May 25, 2012

NBA Playoffs

As I glance at the NBA Playoffs in between tea parties, games of sequence, and lego building, it seems to be more of a boxing match than it does basketball. In a span of two minutes watching the Pacers vs. the Heat, two flagrant fouls were given and I thought... Kalli Durham could play in this league. I think it's time for the league to get the game back to basketball. These players are truly amazing athletes and are skilled enough to set legal screens, make incredible moves without 3 or 4 extra steps, and do have the ability to play clean & dictating defense. Just watch the WNBA. Coach Bin

Friday, May 18, 2012

Lewis & Clark Caverns

This past weekend my family adopted Giuliana, my assistant coach, for the day and took her to the Lewis & Clark Caverns. Giuliana, who is originally from California, was quite impressed even on the drive up where we got to stop and visit with a family of deer. I couldn't tell who was more excited between Giuli and the kids. The kids, including Giuli, drew some pictures on the drive. Justin drew a bat to torment Giuli on what she may see in the caves. Giuli in return drew Dracula. Then Brooklyn drew a picture in which Justin complemented by saying it looked like a treasure map. Giuli immediately destroyed Brooklyn's confidence with her remarks of "No it doesn't! It looks like a bunch of scribbles." I am a little worried for Giuli's nieces and nephews. As we waited for our tour to start Justin found a caterpillar which Giuli thought may be poisonous so he had fun tormenting her with it in his hand. I might add that neither one of MY kids were afraid of the one inch sized insect.
The hike lasted over two hours and was absolutely breaktaking, especially if you are claustrophobic. We didn't have the pleasure of seeing any bats, but Giuli now knows what a stalagmite is. To the Mendiolas, we had a lovely time adopting your daughter for the day, and as she is home visiting this week my only advice is to keep the crayons out of reach. Coach Bin

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


It's spring once again, so you know what that means in the Binford household, P90X! Todd bought this workout dvd last year and, when you own a boat, May becomes very motivational. I want to be completely honest here. Our level of commitment isn't exactly "Eye of the Tiger". It's not like I am good enough to play in the WNBA or anything as Kalli Durham so kindly proved a month back. However, sunshine does get you fired up about feeling good, looking good and proving to Tony "DVD Instructor" that we can do the plank run as well as anyone. Justin and Brooklyn have also jumped in on occassion, whether it's "Ab Ripper" or Brooklyn's favorite "Wacky Jacks." So to Tony, the Binford Household is "Bringing It!"