Friday, December 13, 2013

Heading Northwest

Finals are over! Our student athletes had a busy academic week and I am confident they finished well. With that being said they LOVE road trips without any study table or books to carry in their back packs. It will be a light load this weekend. Seattle is going to be a fun one for the Cats as we have A LOT of family in Washington so even though we are on the road we will have somewhat of a home reception with plenty of Blue & Gold still in the stands. There will be little downtime, however, with back to back games so thankfully we have a DEEP bench to keep running. The last time I tried to slow a team down was at the Baylor Tournament a few years back when we were low in numbers, on our third game in a row, and Rachel Semansky woke up that morning throwing up with the flu. I kept yelling at Katie Bussey to slow down in transition and finally gave up on the attempt. We won that game with six healthy players running for 40 minutes. I guess when transition is in your blood you can't fight it. We face to very good transition teams this weekend so if you like uptempo games we will see you in Seattle! Lace up the shoes & Go Cats! Coach Bin

Thursday, December 5, 2013


After our trip to Florida it is now clear you know you are a tourist when: You hand a parking attendant a $20 bill before he gives you the change. We never saw the guy again after he sprinted faster than Carl Lewis over to the 7-11 with our twenty. You have the entire beach to yourself. The locals stay home when it's below 80 degrees and raining. You buy magic "stuff" for your kids just because the clerk entertained them with his magic tricks. You walk around in your shorts and flip flops but everyone else needs sunglasses because your legs are so white. You sing along to a Neil Diamond impersonator at the restaurant. While driving by, you take a picture of a person lying on the ground getting handcuffed. We had a great trip to Miami, Florida, capped by the CATS remarkable comeback victory which was sparked by Jackie Elliott's bank in 3 to go into overtime. I have never seen such white eyes and a higher vertical in my career after that shot went through the net. I am proud of our ladies for showing such perseverance. Now it's time to bundle up, get back to work, and warm up by the fireplace. Go Cats! Coach Bin