Tuesday, March 8, 2011



I forgot to blog didn't I.  Last weekend in between our Eastern Washington and Portland State games my former teammate/roommate Lisa came to our hotel to give Amy Starr, our trainer Ashley a product run of Mary Kay. Lisa originally said we were going to have facials which I thought was a perfect relaxing remedy for the road trip, but she tricked me in that I was giving myself my own facial.

If any of you know Lisa, she is organized, task driven, and passionate about life. When we were roommates she would leave my other former teammate Lyndsie and I a list of chores on the whiteboard in the house. You can laugh about it, but Lyndsie was still messier than I was if there is a pecking order.

So for Lisa to be selling Mary Kay product is a perfect fit, and for me the best gift ever so she can just tell me what I need and how I need to apply it.

The night of facials, excuse me, self application of Mary Kay product, was SO much fun but intimidating to those of us not as confident in the world of skin and makeup. As we began, I was expecting a cat fight between Lisa and Amy as Amy is quite the connoisseur of makeup also. Lisa was like "who is running this show here?" Just kidding. She didn't really say that.

Ashley and I however, were rookies in the makeup department. I am a perfectionist so I was concerned about the application process. How much do I put on my face? Do I put it on my eyes? Do I put it on my whole neck? Who would of thought there was so much to taking care of your skin anyway.

The most understandable term of the evening came from Lisa's husband Toby who called one product "Spackle" as it simply does to your face what "Spackle" does to your walls.

Once we got to the eye makeup, it was all over for me. I felt like I was back in elementary art school painting in the box to match the number except whoever designed these paint cards did NOT pass Kindergarten.

As the evening wrapped up, and I bought my new face wash and other essentials that I don't even know what they do, I think I will just have my son apply my makeup for me. I mean, he's a much better artist than I am anyway. 

I have to admit, my skin feels wonderful. I still don't know how you can apply it up rather than down and what the purpose of that is, but with more repetition I will get better.

Coach Bin

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