Thursday, April 19, 2012

Spring Evals

Can you believe it is already spring?

I can't believe this is the last week of our spring workouts even. We have been testing all week and Chris our strength and conditioning coach has worked our ladies!

We had all kinds of PR's such as Jackie Elliot getting a dip. Maybe I should brag more of the vertical improving four inches.

Every single player got a PR in something whether it was the bench, hang clean, or even our speed and agility test.

On the court watch out for Tish Adams posting up on the block next year because she was an animal and on speed and agility she led the way. Watch out for Emily Allen on the agility as she may run you over.

Kalli Durham led our vocal communication. I think she got that from her father. Jk Mark.

Kayla returned the spring to get her conditioning base established. Chelsea looks strong and determined, and Ashly Albert led the charge with her consistency and leadership.

We took advantage of resting the Rugby squad of Rachel Semansky and Ausha Cole.

Now our staff heads all over to find the next future Bobcats. This morning my daughter was so upset she couldn't go on the plane with me that she brought me her piggy bank to pay for her ticket.

It's hard to leave my family, but exciting to evaluate the next tier. As you can see with our returners coming back, our signees coming in, I am inspired about what is ahead for our program.

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