Monday, March 4, 2013

Senior Night

To all of you freshmen out there, it DOES go fast.

Latisha Adams and Rachel Semansky will play their final basketball game in the Fieldhouse tonight at 7:00pm so come out and support these two incredible women and their careers at Montana State.

I want to thank Kyle from the Chronicle on giving the readers a glimpse of who Tish and Rachel are in real life. As their coach, I'd like to add how proud I am of who they are as people and representatives of our program.

Tish and Rachel have totally different personalities yet have impacted this team in so many ways.

Rachel is a leader that raises the bar for others as she competes and gives her best effort in everything she does. As a Two Time Big Sky Conference Player and a Two Time All American Academic Award winner, she has an expectation for herself to work as hard as she can in everything she does.  Our team has seen first hand the results of exceptional habits and work ethic in place. She challenges herself and her teammates daily.

Tish, or as her teammates call her, "T Time," has developed into the quiet leader of this team. Tish's career started out quiet and has sky rocketed the last two years through her perseverance and steadfast commitment. For me, she has become my "rock", our team's "steady," the one that doesn't get too high or too low, but can resond to any circumstance. She brings individuals along, grabs them on the sideline and encourages, teaches, and lifts them up.

Together these two complement each other in their way of play, in their way of communicating, in their way of impacting and leading this team. This may be our last home game of the year, but it's not our last game of the season.

Behind these two, I believe we have an exciting post season ahead, yet so much more than that. Their impact in our program will continue on, and in Tish's words she will come back to Bozeman when someone gets married. I am still hoping that crab legs work as well and maybe Bozeman can wrap Rachel right up and keep her here as one of the finest future teachers in this generation.

I love these kids, yet they are not kids anymore!

Coach Bin

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