Friday, September 20, 2013

You are In or Out

A friend of mine told me once when I first got into coaching that my biggest frustration as a coach would be that the players would not have the same level of passion and competitiveness as I have for the game. Today I still find that opinion to be an incredible driving force in identifying the athletes I want to represent Montana State Women's Basketball and wear the Blue & Gold uniform. The "diamond in the rough" so to speak is that unique kid that raises the level of everyone around her because she competes so hard. You either choose to fight back or you are already defeated. I have seen over the years that the ultimate challenge is having enough players with this competitive trait and passion for the game to infect the whole team. What's exciting about the Bobcats this season is I am seeing those ingredients in Ausha Cole. After a year of red shirting, there is just something in her blood about getting on the court and taking advantage of every second. As a result Lindsay is "in the ring" and next Margreet, and Kalli, as it is trickling in to every position. You are either in or you are out. The Bobcats will be in! Coach Bin

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