Monday, July 22, 2013

Mental Training

We are on our 5th week of mental training as a team and today our junior class will lead the session on TRUST. These 30 minute sessions once a week are one of my favorite times with our team as we grow stronger as a unit. Next week our final session of the summer will be led by former Bobcat and doctoral intern, Scotta Morton. Scotta will be in town to host the annual Sid & Frosty Camp as well. If you are an athlete and want to take your game (any sport) to the next level you need to check out Scotta's camp. It runs August 5-8th in the MSU Rec Center and covers the mental parts of performance including visualization, relaxation, goal setting, self talk, and focus to name just a few of the main points. If you think about the elite athletes in sport they are exceptional when it comes to mental toughness. I believe and Scotta believes this is a skill & can be developed & strengthened over the course of time. Case in point-Katie Bussey. Katie came in as a freshmen, took the mental skill development to heart, and left Montana State at an entirely new level. Now she is competing professionally because of her mental toughness & ability to focus on what's important. We can all continue improving on the mental part of the game as we continue to develop on the physical aspects. I remember my high school coach tell me you are either getting better or you are getting worse. I think this would apply to the mental side of things as well. Go Cats! Coach Bin

Monday, July 15, 2013

July Recruiting

Round One Done! Legislation has slightly changed this year allowing 7 days to evaluate prospects, 10 days off where we allowed to make phone calls, and then 7 more days to evaluate prospects again. This year I racked up my miles this first round covering Oregon, Washington, and finishing on a red eye to Boston MA. As anyone can attest changing timezones takes some time for the body to get back on track. My advice is to get a day on the lake and you'll be fully recovered. Activity & Results: 1) swimming-recuperating 2) cliff jumping-Exhilarating 3) boating-wind, scenary, and water together-relaxing 4) tubing/waterskiing-intense & at times hilarious (laughter is best form of medicine) 5) unknown-anticipation (when seeing a snake swim in the water twice your length certainly makes you swim faster) Next round is still unknown, but I do know for certain that I will be completing July with another day on the lake with hopefully a few less amphibians joining us. Good luck to all of the talented recruits in July! Coach Bin