Monday, July 15, 2013

July Recruiting

Round One Done! Legislation has slightly changed this year allowing 7 days to evaluate prospects, 10 days off where we allowed to make phone calls, and then 7 more days to evaluate prospects again. This year I racked up my miles this first round covering Oregon, Washington, and finishing on a red eye to Boston MA. As anyone can attest changing timezones takes some time for the body to get back on track. My advice is to get a day on the lake and you'll be fully recovered. Activity & Results: 1) swimming-recuperating 2) cliff jumping-Exhilarating 3) boating-wind, scenary, and water together-relaxing 4) tubing/waterskiing-intense & at times hilarious (laughter is best form of medicine) 5) unknown-anticipation (when seeing a snake swim in the water twice your length certainly makes you swim faster) Next round is still unknown, but I do know for certain that I will be completing July with another day on the lake with hopefully a few less amphibians joining us. Good luck to all of the talented recruits in July! Coach Bin

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