Monday, January 13, 2014

Recovery Sessions

I thought I should blog about our recovery workouts since the media did a story on it last week. Now that basketball has become a year round sport, working our athletes out in the summer, fall, and begining practice in October knowing what it takes to recovery properly is just as important as practice. Here are a couple of things our team does beyond your traditional stretchdowns: 1) Ice Baths-Yes, our kids hate them but I LOVE them. Ten minutes is all it takes 2)Pool Recovery-You would think great athletes are all capable in the water but I am here to tell you that is not at ALL accurate as many still rely on the dog paddle or better yet, clinching of the edge of the pool in between strokes. However, I think the bigger issue for most is still whether or not their hair is going to get wet. 3) Lifting-Many think of lifting as strengthening but we also use it for recovery along with foam rollers. We travel with bands on the road that we can use in the doors of our hotel rooms. Last week I was totally disrupted in my room when I heard heavy breathing outside my door. So of course I had to open my door to see Coach Starr on all fours trying to simulate the team's workout. Coach Barney (red as an apple) was also with her along with our trainer Erin who was conducting the session. Ironically it doesn't seem to be that hard for our athletes. I would throw in nutrition but since our team's trend is In N Out Burger I didn't think I could walk the talk. Coach Bin

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