Wednesday, February 5, 2014


The month of February is a very important month and I am not just talking about Valentine's Day. This is the month where teams separate due to their motivation and commitment to the process. If you are going to be successful and finish as a champion, how you practice, how you think today has 100% affect on your ultimate outcome. Questions to ask 1) What did you think about before practice? Champion Answer-Goals for practice, how am I going to get better, how can I make my team better, I am going to win this drill Second Place Answer-I hope practice is short or easy or we don't have that drill or I can't wait to do this after practice 2) What is your motivation today? (Not at the beginning of season, but the immediate) Champion Answer-To get better at...., To win ....., To get more playing time..... Second Place Answer-Hard to come up with an answer? Champions are process driven. They do not get detoured or burned out by the process or adversity of what is happening in their season. They believe they are the solution and don't blame others as the problem. They have energy, find ways to put in more than what is currently asked, and they are still 100% committed to making themselves and the team better. They are not satisfied but they are also not defeated. Go be a champion today and then repeat it again as if it was the first day you ever stepped onto the court. GO CATS! Coach Bin

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