Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Wow! I don't know if you were watching the game this Sunday between Ball State and Tennessee, but it certainly didn't look like an upset. Ball State looked like the veteran team who had been in these situations many times before.

It definitely wasn't second nature for Ball State to be playing in the NCAA Tournament like it is for Tennesee. If you compare these two teams on paper, however, Ball State had many things to their advantage, the most important piece is Ball State's experience. There is absolutely not substitute for veterans. It was almost unfair for Tennesse's youth to have the expectations of traditions upheld by the former superstars of last season. Every season is a new season and you have to produce every time you step on the floor.

I want to congratulate Ball State for a huge victory, also coached by my former agent when I played in the WNBA, Kelly Packard. If you want to see class just listen to Kelly speak. What she has done in one season is remarkable.

Good luck to Ball State tonight. We'll see if they have one more considered "upset" under their sleeves.

Coach Bin

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