Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Memorable or Unforgettable?

What's the difference you say? Just ask Gonzaga's Vandersloot and Beckering.

I am a huge fan of Gonzaga WHEN WE AREN'T playing them of course. If you want the ball in the right person's hands you give it to a Krisi Toliver or on the northwest, a Courtney Vandersloot.

That's exactly what Gonzaga did. Vandersloot had her usually dominating game creating opportunities and making John Stockton look mediocre. She was leading Gonzaga on their way to a big upset over Pitt and the Sweet Sixteen, the most memorable basketball experience ever.

That was until the last possessions of the game. As always, Courtney had the ball in her hands, drove, as we all waited to see her convert a 3 point opportunity she turned the ball over two times in a row.

Wait! They still had a chance to win. Gonzaga takes a timeout, traps the guard on the wing and Beckering runs through the passing lane for the steal up the court. Only one person stands in front of her taking her team to the Sweet Sixteen. Oops, the defender steps out of the way to prevent a foul and Beckering loses balance to force the officials to make the call, TRAVEL!

My heart just dropped for these kids, not the team, these kids. All of us have been in these positions to win or lose the game, but the bigger the game, the bigger the hurt. Those possessions will be UNFORGETTABLE.

To the rest of us, what is memorable is their entire play throughout the game. Every great decision, great defensive stop, every spectacular pass will not be overlooked by the rest of us.

Congrats to an exciting season.

Coach Bin

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