Tuesday, October 20, 2009

First Practice DONE!

The first weekend of practices are officially in the books. Here's what we accomplished.

  1. Sore muscles head to toe. We finished off the weekend in the C'mon Inn Hot tubs!
  2. Bumps and bruises. Baeta Bak leads the team in bruises at this point. We still need to teach her how to fall, but Erica Perry and Sarah Strand lead the team in bumps, OUCH!
  3. Mistakes, mistakes, and more mistakes. This time of the year you start with a million mistakes and your goal is to get that number as low as possible by March!
  4. We put in our 1/2 court man defense and the team is EXCITED to play it this year.
  5. We introduced the CONCEPTS of transition offense, but the concept has yet to be visual.
  6. Last but not least we finished off a GREAT weekend with a SPECTACULAR dinner at President Gamble's for our Top 5 Academic National place with a 3.5 Team GPA.

We had a lot to celebrate at the Gamble's residence. Obviously we celebrated our team's academic achievements in which we missed Anne Phippard and Mara Hoefer who were a big part of that.

However, Nubia Garcia was with us with an engagement ring as well as Coach Saneholtz with an engagement ring. The only other rings I hope to see with this squad are Big Sky Championship ones.

We recognized the retirement of President Gamble. The good news is that President and Patricia Gamble will still be around supporting our athletic teams and our academic community, and we hope to see their new place with a TOP 5 finish next year.

In the meantime, the best news of all is that it means another fan for our home games. We welcome our new President Waded Cruzado to our first conference home game on January 1st against Weber State University, ALSO the start of her first day at Montana State.

Go Cats!

Coach Bin

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Marshall said...

You guys are doing some really neat stuff. Like the Fashion Show idea!