Thursday, October 8, 2009


I apologize for the delay in blogging, but I have been TRAVELLING all over this country looking for future Bobcats. Here are the highlights.

Mesa, AZ: Met a dog that didn't want to bite me, but rather growl instead. Why is that a highlight? Because I have been attacked by dogs twice in my life! This one was about the size of my hand so I think I could have taken him.

Oakland, Rocklin, and BACK to Oakland, CA: In & Out Burger & Popeyes. Don't worry, I eat well when it's not July recruiting and I am NOT in California.

Somewhere in Washington: Yes, I have been travelling so much I don't remember which city the tournament was in. However, I love Tree of Hope's tournaments because the packets are only $60 and they have a hospitality room for the coaches. THANK YOU

KANSAS: I could say the cities but basically I flew in to Wichita and drove back and forth across the entire state. They have a million country stations in Kansas! On top of that every station plays Taylor Swift. I thought a CD was in on repeat.

The Best of the Best: Home to Bozeman at last.

Coach Binford

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