Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Memorable or Unforgettable?

What's the difference you say? Just ask Gonzaga's Vandersloot and Beckering.

I am a huge fan of Gonzaga WHEN WE AREN'T playing them of course. If you want the ball in the right person's hands you give it to a Krisi Toliver or on the northwest, a Courtney Vandersloot.

That's exactly what Gonzaga did. Vandersloot had her usually dominating game creating opportunities and making John Stockton look mediocre. She was leading Gonzaga on their way to a big upset over Pitt and the Sweet Sixteen, the most memorable basketball experience ever.

That was until the last possessions of the game. As always, Courtney had the ball in her hands, drove, as we all waited to see her convert a 3 point opportunity she turned the ball over two times in a row.

Wait! They still had a chance to win. Gonzaga takes a timeout, traps the guard on the wing and Beckering runs through the passing lane for the steal up the court. Only one person stands in front of her taking her team to the Sweet Sixteen. Oops, the defender steps out of the way to prevent a foul and Beckering loses balance to force the officials to make the call, TRAVEL!

My heart just dropped for these kids, not the team, these kids. All of us have been in these positions to win or lose the game, but the bigger the game, the bigger the hurt. Those possessions will be UNFORGETTABLE.

To the rest of us, what is memorable is their entire play throughout the game. Every great decision, great defensive stop, every spectacular pass will not be overlooked by the rest of us.

Congrats to an exciting season.

Coach Bin


Wow! I don't know if you were watching the game this Sunday between Ball State and Tennessee, but it certainly didn't look like an upset. Ball State looked like the veteran team who had been in these situations many times before.

It definitely wasn't second nature for Ball State to be playing in the NCAA Tournament like it is for Tennesee. If you compare these two teams on paper, however, Ball State had many things to their advantage, the most important piece is Ball State's experience. There is absolutely not substitute for veterans. It was almost unfair for Tennesse's youth to have the expectations of traditions upheld by the former superstars of last season. Every season is a new season and you have to produce every time you step on the floor.

I want to congratulate Ball State for a huge victory, also coached by my former agent when I played in the WNBA, Kelly Packard. If you want to see class just listen to Kelly speak. What she has done in one season is remarkable.

Good luck to Ball State tonight. We'll see if they have one more considered "upset" under their sleeves.

Coach Bin

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Winning & Losing Is All in One's Perspective

Every head coach wants to still be playing this time of year. We all strive to be a part of "March Madness." However, some view it differently.

Example 1) Wednesday before the first round of the Big Sky Semifinals vs Northern Arizona. My son tells me, "I hope we win so I can go to the pool again tomorrow." Fortunately we won for one more splash, but we didn't get two.

Example 2) This past week my husband tells me it's been so nice to have me at home so he can get some projects around the house done.

To rub it in even further we were watching the NCAA first round games last night and my son asked, "mom, why isn't your team playing?

My answer, "Next Year!"

Coach Bin

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Admit it. You have been out in your driveway messing around crafting moves you dream would make it on the ESPN highlight real.

Yes, there is a time to focus and work on your game, and then there is a time to have fun.

Well, last night our men's team had a big night. They not only knocked off the number one seed in the Big Sky Tournament, and are heading to the championship game, BUT Will Bynum had the most amazing dunk of the season. And, GUESS what! It was the number one highlight on ESPN!

Congrats to our men for an incredible game, and good luck tonight, one game away from the big "dance." I think getting to the dance is the only thing at this point that could be more exciting than that dunk.

Go Cats!

Coach Bin

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tournament Bound

Well, it's that time of year when records are washed away and everyone begins a new season.

Ours begins Thursday. At this point of the year we win, or we go home. My dad gave me the best advice I'd ever heard last year before our Big Sky Tournament when he said, "you know, if you keep winning, you'll end up in the national tournament."

Yes dad, it's as easy and as difficult as that. Some have thoughts of sitting in front of the television Monday evening to hear what seed they would get for the first round of the NCAA Tournament.

However, for us here at Montana State, our only focus is how to defeat Northern Arizona on Thursday. That game is the only one that counts. Many people don't get a second chance at redeeming themselves, and a third opportunity is usually unheard of. It's an opportunity that was sure don't want to waste and one that NAU doesn't want to give.

One thing is for sure. IT WILL BE EXCITING!

Coach Bin