Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Macaroni Grill

Here is a recap of our latest trip to Utah.

  • Bus-Yes we took a bus and will NEVER do that again as you can't count on the weather. We left at 10:00am and arrived at 10:00pm. Our athletes didn't seem to mind as they slept for most of it in between the Princess and the Frog and Sherlock Holmes
  • Games-I told our bus driver Tom he is our bus driver for every bus trip we have as we went 2-0 with him. He took good care of us throughout the blizzards and traffic.
  • Rehab-It was important for me and our team to have our redshirt players travel with us. Ashley Albert is coming off an ACL reconstruction and Kate Webb had her pin removed from her stress fracture. We utilize both athletes on the bench during the games to take stats, chart opponent runs, and communicate on the bench. In between games they do rehab with our trainer during practices, pass for teammates, and focus on getting healthy!
  • Entertainment-This can include celebrating the New Year at the movie theatre, but most importantly eating well. I have included some very artistic drawings from our dinner at the Macaroni Grill. See if you can guess who drew the picture and most importantly your favorite artist.
Happy New Year!

Coach Bin

Elmo's portrait of Sarah Balian

Ausha Cole's love and basketball

Someone's attempt at tic tac toe

Rachel's sunny day
Coach Bin's Cowboy
Someone else's Cowgirl

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Judy said...

Glad the Utah games were so successful! I think Rachel's sunny day is a hands down winner!!