Wednesday, December 29, 2010


We have had our share of injuries this season. Since we are in Montana I won't say when it rains it pours but maybe when it snows it blizzards!

The good news, however, is that you can't build a Frosty the Snowman without enough snow, and you certainly can't enjoy skiing without fresh new powder. It's always how you look and respond to it.

Yesterday was a perfect example of our resilience when we finished practice with seven players after beginning the season with twelve. As they were getting a water break, one of our captains Katie Bussey said the good news is that we get extra reps!

This group is tough and positive. They have fought through a lot of adversity and been able to stay focused on what they can control. We just broke a school record with 107 points last week so I think our kids haven't lost their edge.

We already have a million stories on the season so far, I can't imagine what stories we will finish with.
I suppose after a bus trip to Utah this week we might add to it. Let's just hope the new stories are of healing!

Coach Bin

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