Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Bench

When I am a spectator rather than a coach on the sidelines I love to watch the bench because every bench is as unique as a team's offense.

  • Timeouts-most coaches will talk with their staff first before going into the huddle. Some teams have players talk to them first, some have a coach talk defense, then another talk offense. My favorite joke, though, is when a friend of mine told me I needed to get a stool to sit on when I was pregnant because she was worried Brooklyn might deliver early.
  • Trainers-they probably have the most stress of anyone. They have to be ready to clean up blood in under 30 seconds at any moment of the game as well as pop back a dislocated finger (2 years in a row for our team). They have to have everything in their trainer's bag for any situation that could come up (just like any women's purse), AND they have to take care of every athlete, coach, and PREGNANT coach.
  • Athletes-the good teams have focused athletes on the bench and in the huddles. They aren't looking around waving to their friends (or their daughters- Coach Scanson, lol). They are learning from their teammates on the court ready to make the adjustment when they go in. The good teams also have great energy on the bench whether it's cheering, jumping, high fiving, etc. Their energy is electric.
  • Coaches-you have the Tara Vandaveers who don't get up often, sit there calmly watching their team execute their plays with ease, to the Kim Mulkeys who will entertain you with animations from start to finish. I find myself in between the two but also know I coach a lot better when I don't get caught up in the entertainment or should I say- juggling of the officials.
Obviously it is a lot of fun to lace your shoes up and step on that court and get into the action, but don't underestimate the excitement of the sidelines who have the best view of the game.

Coach Bin

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