Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Camryn's Birthday Party

Coach Scanson's daughter just turned four, and we were invited to the big bash on Sunday. Don't worry, it was well before the Superbowl.

So we headed to Target to get the perfect gift. Justin already knew what to get her, a Transformer (level 3) as she already had the level 2's. The level determines how difficult it is to transform it. Justin said he would teach Camryn.

When we arrived to the Transformer section Optimus Prime, the leader of the Transformers, was right there in front. That was easy.

While we were in the checkout line, we saw Tyler (our radio guy) walking by to get his gift for Camryn. I guess we are all last minute shoppers.

I am pretty sure Justin sat with the Optimus Prime in his lap the whole ride over to Camryn's sizing up the gift. He then said, "I really want this one."

As we pulled up to their house, Brooklyn had just fallen asleep. Isn't that always the timing? Like any 2 year old arriving at a birthday party however, she has the senses of a hound and woke up 1 minute later as we walked in the entry way. She was ready to PARTY!

Camryn and Justin began playing with Camryn's race track and raced cars down it until Brooklyn joined in trying to send Pony hairbrushes down the track. They don't go quite as fast.

We all ate some pizza and praised Coach Scanson's great cooking ability from Papa Murphys and then got ready for the opening of the presents.

Camryn began opening some very exciting toys until she got to mom's wrapped socks. Camryn looked at them, tossed them aside, and went to the next box. That's when the winner was opened, the Pillow Pet from Grandpa and Grandma. She squeezed the pillow tight and said repeatedly "I always wanted this. I always wanted this."

The grandparents were in the winner's circle with Camryn but not necessary Coach Scanson and his wife Shannon when the next gift from them was a harmonica.

To Mike and Peggy Scanson, I just want to say, GOOD ONE.

That's unless it ends up on the bus next week for our road trip to Idaho State.

Coach Bin

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