Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring Eval

Three days to catch how many kids? What a rollercoaster.

Left Thursday for Phoenix- really do love having to wear sunscreen from gym to gym. Saturday flew to Seattle- really don't love avoiding the puddles from all the rain. Sunday flew home to see my family who caught the flu- really don't love cleaning up throw up but do love taking care of them.

Highlights of my trip.
1) In N Out Burger of course with Peg from Portland State.
2) Sushi with my brother-in-law Ryan from Northwest Nazarene, Peg, and Jordan from University of Idaho. It's the only time I get to eat sushi as the rest of the Binford's like their food cooked.
3) Conversation with Scott on my flight from Phoenix-Salt Lake. He does Independent Films and will write one of the Glee episodes some day.
4) Finding out that Vitamin Water has caffeine. No wonder people just "feel better" drinking it.
5) Getting a Jeep at the Thrifty Car Rental. No offense Kia, but the Jeep was cool.
6) Seeing my friends from Boise State in Seattle after 15+ years. Sham and Tasha, you look exactly like you did in the dorms.
7) Watching Montana Hoops and Big Sky Hoops. Way to represent our GREAT state!
8) Last but certainly not least, opening the door of my garage and hearing the feet of my kids run to hug me. It's my favorite part of the day.

I guess I could have done without the throw up to clean up, but that's just part of life isn't it?

Coach Bin

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