Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Game Day

Last weekend our team had a tailgate in front of the football stadium entrance in anticipation of an aggressive performance by our 'Cats. We enjoyed the pulled pork, peanuts, and Todd lifted Brooklyn into the air to cheer everytime we scored a touchdown. We even started the wave across section 113!

Our team showed they will be Big Sky contenders once again! We are off to a rockin' start this season.

It could be the $20 million dollar campaign that gave us an additional 5,000 seats in a new end zone; or maybe it's the shoulder to shoulder blue and gold, head-to-toe student section? I must admit, it is helpful that we have the MVP of the Big Sky taking every snap for the Bobcats!

When you add up all of the factors- community, college campus, amazing venue, talented athletes, and savvy coaches- it makes for an awesome game day experience!

Go 'Cats!

Coach Bin

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