Thursday, January 12, 2012

Random Thoughts by Former Bobcat Jamie Thornton

For those of you that are new to MSU women's basketball, let me introduce myself. I played for the Cats from the 2006-2007 season until the 2009-2010 season. After I graduated in May 2010 with my undergrad degree I decided to stick around Bozeman for a while and try life as a normal student as I pursued a masters degree in statistics. Nearly two years later I find myself only one semester away from having to get a real job and join the real world, and I can't help but to find myself looking back to the years I spent as a player here and all the good times I had.

Some of my fondest memories include road trips, like the time our whole flight to Northern Arizona got cancelled and we had to rebook 17 passengers to Phoenix that day. To make matters worse, we had lost a tough game to Northern Colorado the night before and no one wanted to be stuck in the airport for 12 hours while we tryed to re-book flights! But we kept a Coke in Coach Bin's hands an luckily we didn't have to run sprints in the airport.

Other memorable times are of the recruiting visits of some current players. We all clearly remember Katie Bussey's recruting trip, she probably weighed about 85 pounds when we met her. As soon as we heard she had signed, we all said "She'll have to red shirt, she'll be broken in half!" She proved us wrong! In our defense, she did gain some weight during that summer!

But this is a post titled "Random Thoughts" so here we go:

1) Is Dove chocolate and Dove body wash the same Dove? If so why is a chocolate company making body wash?

2) Why does everyone in Montana have vanity plates? And why does it bother me when I cant de-code them?

3) Are marriages legal all over the world? Like if you are married in the US are you married in China too?

4) Did you know that fog occurs when the temperature and due point are close to eachother. And it only counts as fog when visability is less than 5/8 of a mile.

5) What country is made up of over 54,000 islands? Canada!! Seriously!

6) Does anyone else think it's crazy that Christmas is in the middle of the summer in Australia? I do! Christmas is for winter, maybe they should mover theirs to July. I would go celebrate that.

7) Di-hydrogen mono-oxide and sodium chloride = salt water, why not just say salt water?

8) Why are knee braces allowed in games but not bobby pins? I'm pretty sure running into a knee brace hurts more than a bobby pin would!

And that my friends, is from the ever-pondering mind of Ms. Jamie Erin Thornton. She'll make a great addition to "the real world", don't ya think?

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