Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Super Fans

Our families of our players and coaches bring amazing support to our team whether home or away. At home some of them take up their own section in the Fieldhouse and on the road make themselves heard very early on to our officials. Fortunately, this season, no one has been asked to leave the gymnasium.

Some of our recent road trips:

Las Vegas Tournament. If you are not sure if Katie's sisters are at the game then they are NOT. You will know when they are there. This year, however, we welcomed the additional loud section of the Mendiola family.
They have had some education on how to cheer at games. I now know where Giulianna gets her loud clapping from. Just watch her during introductions. I am personally flying the Mendiola's in for our Cat Griz rivalry(on Giuli's dime of course.)

Our Eastern Washington trip brought in incredible family support, including returning parents and even former player's parents. Jamie Thornton came in to do the radio with Tyler which brought Joe and Sandy back for another round of stress. Jeff and Patty Seidensticker also showed up for support which was most crucial as Coach Starr found out after the game that she had a hole in her pants. Thank you to Patty for sewing them after the game and Lisa Semansky's teamwork for bringing them to Portland the following day.

This year I have lost 10 pounds since we don't get to see Anne Strand after every game with 5 loafs of banana bread.

I feel a sense of comfort this season knowing that if I tweek my knee in my high heels I have Dr. Elliott there.

Most importantly I don't ever have to worry about getting over confident as Duane Bussey is always there at his usual 6'9 self to come over for support after games and remind me I am still only 5'6 even in high heels.

Thank you to all of our parents for your support of your daughters and our team. It's going to be an exciting Big Sky season, and it would not be the same without all of you joining us for the ride.

Now to our Super Fan Competition. If you want to get in the running the only stipulation is that you can not be related to any of the Bobcat players or coaches as family should automatically be super fans.

To our two front running "super fans" Carrie Benke and Bob Schwann you better show up with Blue and Gold face paint on Thursday because we have plenty of Super Fans that will be here at 7:00pm as we take on the ISU Bengals!

Coach Bin

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