Monday, August 27, 2012

Quick Tips from Alexa Dawkins

Im a freshman student-athlete here at Montana State University. I'm super excited about this upcoming year and the incredible opportuinty ahead of me. This past summer I was enrolled in two class at MSU, which gave me a little bit of a head start with the whole "college expierence". That being said, I have some advice for the freshman students on how to make your year a fun and memorable one. 1. Get involved in as much as possible. This creates opportunities for you to meet new people and know what's going on around campus. If you're shy and meeting new people and getting involved intimidates you don't be because truth is everyone is in the exact same position as you. 2. Check out all the dining halls on campus, the two that I know of are Miller and Hannon. If you had to choose between the two I would definitely encourage you to eat in Hannon... The food is VERY delicious! If you're not into the dining halls there are other popular food places close to campus like Town and Country AKA TnC, Pickle Barrel, and Junga Juice. 3. Since we are in a very outdoorsy place people love to ride their bikes everywhere... all I have to say is watch out for the BIKERS!!! You're a little safer in the summer, but in the winter when it's icy be aware!!! If you're reading this and you're a frequent biker no offense! :) 4. Winter in Montana lasts about six plus months which makes walking to class in the snow a little difficult. I would strongly suggest that you have at least one pair of snow boots to wear to class in the winter months. If you're worried about looking cute, don't because you can most defintely find some fashionable snow boots! 5. Come out and support your athletic teams! The more fans the better and the more exciting the games will be. First football game is this Thursday at 7pm under lights, which is the first time in MSU history. So come out and show love to all of Montana States athletic programs. I hope my advice was entertaining as well as helpful and wish all of you the best of luck this year! Go Bobcats! -Alexa Dawkins #22

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