Monday, August 6, 2012

Parent Hat

This week my family returned from recruiting and vacationing in California. It was the last week of summer school for our team (great job ladies) and the Montana Coaches Clinic was being held in Great Falls. Justin started basketball camp and Brooklyn had her four year old birthday party coming up Saturday so getting all of these things in took only one extra ice tea a day. At basketball camp I would sneak in to the Fieldhouse to see how Justin was doing and then head back to my office. I may have yelled at one point for him to get back on defense while trying to keep my mouth shut and let his camp coach do the coaching. Emily or "Elmo" Allen was his coach which in his words was "awesome". By the end of the week the campers were worn out, and I think Justin broke a world record on how many popsicles you can eat during the week. Can I brag as a parent and tell you he also hit the game winning shot! Great Falls was also a success as we got to connect with a ton of our Montana High School Coaches, my staff all received roses from our good friend Larry Aasheim of Universal Athletics, and I finally remembered who "Pepper" was and I am not talking about the spice. He works at Universal and apparantly I worked with him at Utah State. Don't get him started on that. Then my last minute planning for Brooklyn's party came. Todd roles his eyes at me a lot when I say one thing and do another. I can't imagine why. This time it was because I said we would do a small party and in return I kept "running" into people that Brooklyn would enjoy having her party with so I invited them. As it turns out, our house can hold around 50 people. If any of you bake cakes as well as I do, PLEASE go to Big Sky Bakery for some help as Kristen Priebe made Brooklyn the prettiest pink barbie cake ever. By the end of the night we were all at the park playing basketball. This is the perfect level of competition for me these days although I still had to ice afterward. What do you define as success? My players would tell you to "put yourself and your team in every possible situation to be successful and then persevere in those situations." I would tell you that your kids had smiles on their faces and you had enough food to feed 50 people. Coach Bin

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