Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Commitment is defined as the dedication to the tasks of preparation to succeed. Our team highlighted a few of these tasks: Nutrition, Strength Training, Conditioning, Sleep,and Skill Work. The first question our team addressed is why do we commit? Most of us commit to things that we have a passion about or maybe good at. I believe the great athletes separate themselves from the good ones because they commit themselves to the tasks that are more challenging for them because they understand it's value in their higher success. Take for example sleep. Our goal for our student athletes is to get around 9 hours of sleep a night. However, we have 7AM practices which means most of our athletes are at the gym by 6:15AM. In order to get 9 hours of sleep our athletes would have to be in bed by 9:00PM. Does that sound realistic for a college student? The great athletes would say yes because they can manage their time and get their studies done early and will be willing to make some sacrifices on social activities. It certainly isn't easy and not everyone will be convinced of its significance to greater performance. Other factors may also prevent us from committing; fear of failing at the task, we aren't confident in that area, it doesn't come as easy for us, we don't know how, or we just don't think the task is that important to our overall success. The number one reason why we don't commit is that it is just flat out HARD. Here is what my team is working on and what WE are going to do to overcome these challenges. 1) We are getting educated in the vaule of the tasks that improve our overall performance. If we don't believe it has any affect then why would we commit to it. 2) We are going to face our fears. Get them out on the table, be upfront about it, and attack it head on. 3) We are going to continue to rechannel our mentality to becoming more confident & envision what we can and will become by committing to these things 4) We are going to train our athletes on how to eat better, how to time manage, and produce the drills that will enhance their abilities. 5) We are going to constantly put them in hard situations, reflect on what they have overcome, dust them off when they fall down, and hold a hand out for them to get up themselves with the reminder that we are on their side. See, our team isn't like any other team. We will separate ourselves not because we will be comparing ourselves to anyone else but because we will find our greatest motivation & satisfaction in the things that are hard. Coach Bin

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