Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Composure & Concentration

To wrap up the keys to mental toughness our team reviewed the importance of composure & concentration & how to maintain them in the face of adversity, the unexpected, or pressure situations. Our team came up with many scenarios where composure & or concentration may be challenged; whether it's an end of game situation, an official's call, fatigue, sickness, or an opponent's influence. We discussed steps that would help us maintain focus on the task of performance rather than letting our emotions negatively drift our minds elsewhere. We can establish consistent routines of preparation, practice unexpected situations ahead of time, & visualize ourselves in these situations with the response we want to have. Concentration can also be improved by focusing on eye contact, staying mentally in the present, & focusing on the details that improve our performance rather than the "what ifs." I want my playrs to own their emotions & use them to their advantage. Whether we get angry about something, nervous about the moment, if we can properly channel them, caring actually can heighten our level of play. Many people make the mistake of thinking these emotions are "wrong" and we should cover them up. Our team is going grasp them, enjoy the opportunity, and leave the worries that are out of our control behind. Mental Toughness is a skill, strength, and an asset that can be helpful both on the court and in life. Our team has learned that "toughness is not usually seen in the actions of a person, rather than in the reaction of that person." Ralph Jean-Paul Coach Bin

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