Friday, November 16, 2012

Road Trip

First road trip is down without many hiccups. We found out that this group sleeps very well through anything, especially our new radio guy Adam. Here are a few other things I learned: 1) My kids should only swim once a day. Justin came back home with an ear infection, probably from a combination of 24 hour pool and altitude. He did manage some big time cannonballs though that got our players wet during their recovery workouts. Good job buddy! 2) Update my gps. I don't know where "Olga", my gps, is taking us half the time but she sent us the wrong way on 1-25 away from downtown and kept trying different routes to the game. Todd decided to follow Kellee's van. 3) Jackie has the coolest pajamas, the Grinch. Rechel has the prettiest head band, and Lexie is the sleepiest in the morning. 4) With Katie graduating the players prefer junk food again. Coach Barney worked diligantly to put to go bags for our early trip back home filled with granola bars, apples, and other goodies in which our players ended up at McDonalds at the airport. I have to admit I was extremely jealous when I saw the hashbrowns. We finished the first trip with a sweep on the road, something no coach will take for granted. On another note, good luck to our #2 Ranked football team this weekend for their annual Cat Griz game! Coach Bin

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