Thursday, December 20, 2012


Big Sky Conference opens tonight, a good 2 weeks earlier than in the past. With the addition of Southern Utah and North Dakota we now have 20 conference games on the calendar which means every game counts from here on out! The Cats open with the Hornets in the Fieldhouse and those are two perfect descriptions of our teams. The Cats are aggressive, relentless, and the best news of all is that we have a deep bench full of them. The Hornets buzz all over the court and are scrappy, quick, and tenacious. I can't think of a more exciting game for our fans to get out and see as the conference begins. Besides, you all need a break from Christmas shopping! The Big Sky is strong, with wins over conferences such as the Mountain West, WAC, Pac 12, ACC, West Coast, and Big West among others. Check these ladies out. They play hard, together, and never give up. Go Cats! Coach Bin

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