Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Home Sweet Home

After 3 weeks back and forth on the road we get to be on our home court for the rest of the month of December and we are thankful for that. Why is it so nice to be at home? #1 Our Fans & Cheerleaders- We have had great support so far this season and have as a goal to PROTECT HOME COURT. Our fans help make that happen. We even have the "cookie club" starting once conference begins and I am not talking about who can eat the most cookies. That would be Coach Close. #2 Our Band- Talk about rockin the Fieldhouse. Our band tends to be the loudest and craziest. I think we should move them closer to our opponent's bench. What do you think? #3 Less Driving- Although Margreet thought I was the bus driver on our last trip to Logan, driving is exhausting regardless if you are the driver or not. I am ready to be done with the GPS for awhile as it seems to get us lost more times than actually finding our destination. #4 Kellee is much more pleasant to be around at home. She is in charge of our team travel and nearly ripped her hair out when National gave away our vans on our trip to SMU. Then the restaurant in Logan forgot to have our pre game meal ready before Utah State. I just asked for an ice tea and was fine when they brought out a pitcher and family portions of bacon, hashbrowns, and eggs. #5 Last but certainly not least, I get to drive home every night to our tiny little decorated deer outside, beautifully decorated Christmas tree by our kids, and read stories of Jesus's Birth and listen to Christmas carols before resting in my own bed. Home Sweet Home.
Coach Bin

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