Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Resolutions & Reality

Hopefully you all had a chance to see the best FRIENDS episode ever on New Year's Eve when Ross and Monica did "the routine." For those of you who didn't I suppose you had bigger plans for your evening. My New Year's Eve was spent with my "adult" kids on the court preparing for conference play this week. I am sure they will tell you that's exactly who they wanted to spend it with as well. Don't worry. It's not like I had them on the court for Midnight Madness. New Year's tends to bring on many new resolutions but let us be reminded that change does not occur without the greatness of habit. Much like I tell my team, you can't show up game time and expect execution if you haven't seen it all week. Proper habits don't get their due appreciation. I think it's because of their consistency that people overlook their importance. In our world today, we get thrills off the glamour, excitement, but true success is the result of basic, consistent, and powerful habits. Ask yourself today what your habits are. We all have them. Is it a habit that over time produces excellence or do we need to replace it with something else? Happy New Year Coach Bin

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