Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I think all outside sports should only be offered during the months June, July, August, and September unless the sport requires a certain element of weather, for example SKIING. Soccer practices began which means crummy weather. Last night I witnessed both soccer goals crash during the course of the hour session due to the strong winds. Good news was that our kids were not near the goals. It was so stormy that our puppy Cole was shaking in fear, however. In Montana, any game or practice will be held unless there is a safety risk. I think a soccer goal tipping over might qualify for that. Since I am biased I can say that we do have the best soccer coach in the valley. Our kids are getting trained from all aspects of the sport whether it's the corner kick, throw in, pass, it was covered. Next week he is bringing in Mia Hamm for a session, joking of course. The most impressive moment was when I saw the uniforms. WOW! I think I might play soccer just to get the uniform. On a serious note, I do love spring in Bozeman because you never know what you're going to get. We have had 70's, 50's, maybe snow & shine in the same day but it's great to be outside. Except for our student athletes of course because it's finals week. Good luck to all of our EXCELLENT students. Finish strong! Coach Bin

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