Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Love to Work

There is a sense of satisfaction when you complete a challenge, a task, & especially an early morning workout. This morning our athletes rose to a chilly but refreshing morning to tackle the prowlers on the football field. Our strength coach threw in some additional medicine ball & situp activities throughout their circuit. My job was to make sure their arms didn't didn't go completely numb. I walked around with my husbands enormously big gloves, patted down the limbs, gave them the Rocky "fake" slap to their bellys as they were in and out of situps, and gave the 2 second shoulder massage. To walk away stronger both mentally & physically is exhilerating, although I think our players would also say a bit exhausting. After the workout I decided to stick around and see how steep the new stadium bleachers are compared to the old ones. I can tell you this. The view from the top of the Gallatin Valley was magnificent but you don't want me behind the wheel of a car because I might not be able to lift my legs up for the brake. They are still shaking! Coach Bin

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