Tuesday, November 18, 2014


This past weekend we opened up at Boise State, my Alma Mater, where they had an Alumni Reunion and recognized our 1993-94 Big Sky Champion Team who was also nationally ranked. What an amazing season that was, and what an fantastic experience to be a part of. Although our Bobcats didn't win that night, it was a nice distraction to have dinner after the game with my former teammates. We reminisced, told many stories about that season and the seasons that led up to it. When you reflect on an experience after having lived it you gain a much broader appreciation. Here is what I know to be true after my career at Boise State. A Championship Program is built when people work harder than they think is possible and they selfessly buy into their role, value their role, and no one cares who gets the credit. Our program was built on a team concept with one goal, and that was to win & lose as a team. Our 1993-94 squad was built over many seasons, many players, and that particular season all the pieces and all the hard work came together. One of my teammates, Shelly "Wright", was a senior when I was a freshman. My freshman year was SO HARD because she made it nearly impossible for me to just get an entry in practice because of her hectic pressure. As a result the only thing I remembered of my first collegiate game was how easy it was to get the team into our offense. She had challenged me relentlesly every day and I never had a game experience more difficult than a practice. Jokingly my other teammate, Heather Sower, told the story of how our junior point guard, Lyndsie "Rico" went out mid season after breaking her wrist. She said she was pretty much thinking we "were doomed" because they were stuck with this freshman, "Who is this Trish character running the team." What if Shelly & Lyndsie hadn't prepared me? We talked about our favorite coach of all time, June Daughtery who led this special team and how she used to make us run 12 200's or 8 400's or ride mountain bikes off cliffs. Yet when it came time to tip off, I can't think of one team that ever ran us off a court or any kind of adversity that could throw us off of our vision because we had completely come together through that mental and physical challenge and could compete with anyone. Do you think playing in Missoula is harder than running 12 200's? What a team. What a season. Don't take one day for granted. Appreciate it, believe in yourself, each other, and be willing to do more than what you think is possible. Coach Bin

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