Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Home Visits

The past few weeks I have had an opportunity to get on the road and do some home visits with the junior class, yes class of 2016. I'm not so good with directions and finding houses in the dark, so Siri & I have become very close. When I push the button, she now asks, "Where can I help you get to, Trish?" Here are a few tips that I found extremely helpful. 1) Find a good restaurant on the road. I say choose Popeyes. When you forget your wallet there, you can be confident they will put it in their safe for you. 2) Exercise, but don't go running outside when it's 90+ degrees out and you are from Montana. You may start having hip pain later on. 3) Clarify the correct address before you head to the home or you might be across the street knocking on the neighbor's door. 4) Make sure your rental car doesn't have an spedometer displayed in Kilometers, or you might have a heart attack when you glance down and it says you are going 100. 5) If you get a car in Kilometers, DON'T panic. Just ask Siri to make sure you are under the speed limit. 6) Wear high heels so you can try to be taller than, well, ANYONE. 7) Bring a snack for the puppies. Actually, that's probably an NCAA violation, so don't do that. 8) Remember everyone isn't a Denver Broncos fan like you are. 9) Last but not least, be yourself. When you stumble over your own words, have a good chuckle about it. If they start to finish your sentences for you, that means you've made a great connection! Good luck and Go Cats!

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