Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Today is the first day of orientation and the official "move in" day for freshmen in the dorms.

What's cool about MSU is that faculty and staff take this day out of the office to help the new students transfer their belongings from their car to dorm room.

I think the highlight of the "move in" day is seeing the variety of personalities. For example, you have the "high maintenance" student that has four car loads of clothing, the "Costco" student that has ample supply of munchies, appliances, etc, the "outback" student that has brought a sleeping bag and just enough gear to get by, and the "space cadet" that gets to their room before remembering four things they forgot to bring.

Needless to say, "move in" day is exciting time as we prepare for the first days of school. It's a good week for the economy with all the Kleenex bought by the parents. I imagine I will be in their shoes in a few years, but for now I get to be the one running their child into basketball shape.

That begins NEXT WEEK!

Go Cats

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