Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Performance seems to be the word of the Olympics. Whether you are the world record holder or a mere underdog, it all comes down to performance on the day your event.

My heart ached for Lolo Jones last night when she ran the 100 meter hurdles. She had dominated in the qualifying heats and had the gold in her grasp with two hurdles out and then clipped the hurdle before falling at the finish line without placing. She later told the commentators she hits a hurdle probably twice in a given year and it unfortunately had to be the most important race of all.

You have to hand it to Lolo and the Olympic athletes to put that much dedication into their sport for one opportunity, hoping for that perfect performance. The most important ingredient I demand of our student athletes is their willingness to take these risks and put themselves out there. It is the most challenging request I ask for as there is no guarantee as Lolo can attest.

However, the athlete who is willing to be vulnerable to failure can also have the greatest rewards of all. Just look at Shawn Johnson who had won three silver medals in gymnastics before finishing off her last event on the beam with her deserving GOLD. She made the most of her opportunity, and her smile shows the work was all worth it.

In two weeks our team will go through their own performance challenges of conditioning and strength testing.They will begin workouts with our staff and have their opportunity to show what they have done over the summer. My hope is to see that same great "SMILE" on every player's face. However, if some "clip" so to speak, I guarantee they will get back up and finish the race just as Lolo did.

Coach Bin

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