Friday, August 15, 2008


I apologize for the delay on my latest blog. I am not one to come up with excuses, but I will say our newest addition to the family has taken precedent this past week.

My family has been blessed with a healthy girl, and as far as recruiting goes, I am already receiving messages from other coaches that they will be sending her a questionnaire.

Sorry coaches, Brooklyn Binford is ALL BOBCAT! Whether that is as a trackster, basketball player, or even a piano player is entirely up to her.

I will also say we had pretty good timing delivering right before the start of this year's Olympics. The 3:00am feedings don't seem to be so hard to get through when there is something exciting to watch on t.v.. Brooklyn and I have already started learning the game of basketball watching our women's team take on Spain this morning (just in case she chooses that sport).

We are looking forward to track starting today as that is my son's favorite sport. Just ask my team. Every road trip he creates his own track. Whether it's in the airport, gym, or hotel room, he loves to run.

Enjoy the rest of the Olympic Games. It has been an exciting summer with Michael Phelps historic quest, our gymnasts taking the Gold and Silver, and beach volleyball's duo of Misty May Treanor and Kerry Walsh protecting their gold.

I know we will be watching. Who needs sleep anyway.


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