Tuesday, February 10, 2009


When I played in college at Boise State, we had quite a few rivalries. One of the biggest rivalries was the Boise State & Idaho one. I, however, don't hold it against anyone if they happen to support the WRONG colors. This includes my husband who picked me up on our first date with a VANDALS sticker on his pick up. I will admit, I almost didn't get in the truck.

The other rivalry while I was at BSU happened to be with the Montana Grizzlies who enjoyed their "Get Noisy For Boise" promotions. Our team enjoyed cutting off the noise at their place at times. I think those moments are almost as exciting as the LOUD ones.

Unfortunately this past week's Cat/Griz rivalry didn't go as we'd hoped. It was a battle to the wire, but one that a coach can find a lot of positives in. I am as competitive as they come, and HATE to lose, but the destination is the ultimate goal of the journey. Even though we didn't finish the buzzer with the W I feel that my team is headed in the right direction.

This will be as important week as any. We MUST get a home sweep. Please come out and support your Bobcats!

Coach Bin

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